Legend of the Phoenix APK 2.6.5 download

Control a beautiful Chinese woman on a journey to find her true love. In the ancient times of Chinese culture, many confidants and partners await you in your search for a lover. Download Legend of the Phoenix for Android now.


Experience a love story unlike any other love story you’ve played before. Join different events and stories that will eventually lead you to meet more and more people.

During it all what unexpected times await you? There is only one way to find out.

Updated features

  • Miss Palace contest has been added to the game. The most beautiful of them all will succeed.
legend-of-the-phoenix-apk-latest version
  • In addition to a new location, there have been many updates to the story. As such, you can experience an expanded part of the original story on your quest to find the right love.
  • Regalia gallery chapters have also been added to the latest update. Confidants can openly access this feature whenever they want.
  • More than that, the precious collections have also been updated. There are additional collectibles for players to view and enjoy.
  • On the other hand, apart from the overall gameplay, there are some cosmetic additions as well. Costumes have been added to give your gameplay more style.

Along with all this, many previous game bugs and issues have been modified or removed entirely for the sake of convenience. So, enjoy all these new additions and updates to your heart’s content.

Legend of the Phoenix APK Free Download

All that said, you may be ready to start your journey in this love story. Wait a minute because there is still more to say. In fact, this last part will allow you to experience love much faster than you originally expected. We are talking about downloading the latest Legend of the Phoenix APK for Android devices.

With this version of the game, you will get an unlimited amount of resources to keep moving the story along, without any need to beat them. Non-stop on the overarching story, your love will come sooner than ever!


Now that you have access to the Legend of the Phoenix APK at your disposal, nothing will stand in the way of true love.

Go ahead and download the game to start this amazing journey to ancient China and find your love.

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