Last Day on Earth Apk 1.20.2 Download for Android

How long will you survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Download Last Day on Earth Survival APK to put your skills and intuition to the test and build a new life after saying the last prayers. Everything is dead, and you are left in the wasteland with no company other than that of your friends.

Last Day On Earth Survival MOD APK

You survive the infection

Your task: to survive. Build a new home, hunt, collect and fight your way through the mutants left to roam the world. this is a game very related to the subject Immediately.

It is the year 2027. An infection has spread around the world and has decimated humanity. Those few remaining are now left with the terrifying task of battling zombies into which the infection has turned the remaining humans. You will have to fight to survive, as well as make sure you have enough resources to build and food to eat.


Build your base: You’ll need to routinely collect new resources such as wood and stone to build fortifications and structures for yourself and your feline mates. You will be able to raise dogs in the game to help you hunt, gather and know when enemies are approaching. You will also need to collect food for them as well.

explore: Take your dog outside and explore the wastelands together. Collect guns, melee weapons, grenades, and more to fight off the hordes of mutants that you’ll encounter on your way through the wastelands. Fight, collect, survive.


Raid other survivors: You are not the only human left there. While it sounds like a good idea to work together, it doesn’t always work out that way—especially once hunger sets in. Humans can do some horrible things once the hunger sets in… Raid other survivors’ settlements and steal their items to help you on your way.

Tips for playing Last Day on Earth: Survival APK

If you’re new to the game, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the most important mechanics – before someone raids you.

Collect and craft

You’ll want to get out there and start gathering resources ASAP. After that, you’ll want to take what you’ve collected and craft some weapons, medical supplies, and other useful tools to help keep you alive. This is the most important thing you will need to learn in the game.


Make your home

Building a house mainly requires wood. It is important that you do this quickly so that you have survival necessities such as a campfire, shelter, and a bed to sleep on. You’ll also need to make sure you have a sturdy door – as this is where others and zombies will come to attack you.

Last-day-on-earth-survival-apk latest version

The game only allows you to take down the door with C4… which seems like overkill, and it’s also good for vision because it means you can get away with having a very basic door and still sleep soundly more than you otherwise would.

Find points of interest

There are some interesting points in the game, and they are interesting for a good reason. These are things like military bases – which you’ll need to loot an access card from a corpse to enter – as well as plane wrecks and supply drops. Scavenge for these locations for the best weapons and supplies – but keep in mind that everyone is looking for them too and some nasty surprises undoubtedly await you here.

The last day on earth

Do you want to play the game with more resources to keep you alive? Download Last Day on Earth Survival APK to get more resources and an easier time in the game. good luck!

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