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Turn-based role-playing games have always been very popular with many types of gamers all over the world. They have interesting stories and many characters for you to play with. In Last Cloudia, humans and monsters coexist in a world called Granzielia.


This game with more than 100k downloads in Google Play Store is a must have for RPG lovers. why? It has all the elements that make it an attractive game. The graphics, characters, effects, and everything in between are all done to perfection. So, if you are looking for your next adventure, this game is for you. Read further to find out more about it!

What is Last Cloudia?

People have always been fascinated by puzzles. They always associated everything with a hint of mystery. Games are no exception. In fact, most of the games are all fictional. Last Cloudia is just like these games. It contains every ingredient you will need for a successful one.


The Last Cloudia is a game from AIDIS. This role-playing game takes place in the fictional world of Granzelia. Here, humans and beasts live together which makes for some exciting action. Before that, there was a war started by the God of Desolation. But that is all over now and peace be upon Granzilia. However, things began to change when the 12th Company of the Cavalry Brigade went on a rescue mission to rescue a young woman.

Cale was a young hot-blooded knight and Rei was a beast that had entered the imperial sky. Little did they know that this would be the beginning of something epic. And here begins the story of your quest for victory in this game. This game offers classic RPG gameplay set in 2D. You will have access to different epic characters, attacks, and missions in Last Cloudia. Everything is designed so that you can have a fun battle experience while enjoying the story.

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The battles in this game are in real time, giving you an adrenaline pumping experience all the time. In addition, the flashy moves and characters combine together for a very exciting gaming experience. To know more about this game, read about its features.

Last Cloudia features

Last Cloudia might look like your typical RPG. However, it’s unlike any game you’ve seen before – for the most part. This game offers new features along with amazing graphics that will leave you speechless. Here are the features:

Customizable characters – In Last Cloudia, the characters are already likable. This means that they have distinct personalities that make them unique. Last Cloudia has something called a character growth system where all characters have equal chances of becoming the strongest in the part. This means that there are unbalanced characters as with other games. It is only up to you how you level them up especially if you prefer some.


PvP – Another feature that will make players drool is the PvP option. Here, you can fight with other players using your most powerful characters. As you know, fighting players from all over the world makes the game more interesting. Here, you can test your skills and the strength of your characters in real time. However, no two characters have the same stats, so it’s an uphill battle for victory. After that, you can also customize your favorites so you can shape the ultimate party. Then you can use it to fight against other players around the world. After fighting, you can also make friends with them to fight them again in the future. Forge links so you can defeat stronger opponents each time.


Voiceovers and epic graphics – Another thing where this game stands out is the graphics. The 3D graphics are modern enough to pass today’s standards. With more and more games being developed at the highest possible quality, Last Cloudia’s graphics will truly blow your mind. Sure, it is set in 2D but the character design and all the elements are enough to make you enjoy the game. Then the effects on the enemies are realistic enough for an RPG game. Then, it’s a pleasure to hear the voiceovers as your characters raise their voices in battle. But you can also hear them talking in the main screen when you boost their abilities.

Easy controls – In this game, the controls are as easy as counting from 1 to 3. In this game, the controls you need are right in front of you. Simply click on the attack and select which one you want. After that, you can also swap characters in the list directly. As for everything else, it’s all pretty straightforward and you can click through as needed. The control system is great because it is very simple yet very basic. This means that everything you need at any time will be at your fingertips.


captivating story – As mentioned, this game takes place in the fictional world of Granzelia. Here, humans and monsters live together which makes for very exciting action scenes. As you progress, so does the story. This makes the game a fun experience rather than just an empty one.

Tips for playing Last Cloudia

If you think Last Cloudia is just a simple RPG, you’re wrong! This is different from others so you need some tips:

Don’t overwhelm your couch early – The cost of each ship increases after leveling up. This means that you will spend more Orbs just to equip Arks in battle. Therefore, you will have fewer resources in the future when it comes time to upgrade your sites and other tools. So the advice is not to overdo it. Just because you have many resources now doesn’t mean you have to spend them all. Be wise about every penny you spend on this game.

Download Last Cloudia APK

Last Cloudia is an epic game full of action and intense story. If you want to play it without waiting for a long time to upgrade your characters, just download it!

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