KleptoCats APK Mod 6.1.9 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Kleptocats is a casual action and adventure game brought to you by HyperBeard. This is the game of choice if you are looking for something family friendly. Rest assured that you and your family will enjoy your time with this game.

With more than five million installs on the Google Play Store, Kleptocats prides itself on being one of the best games ever. Surprisingly, it has a 3+ content rating, which makes it suitable for all age groups. It should also be noted that it features interactive elements such as digital purchases and others.


Another reason to not hesitate to play this game is that it offers attractive gameplay. What is certain is that you cannot get bored with this game. It offers a completely different kind of experience to the players, making them addictive.

Are you a pet lover, especially cats? You agree that these creatures are very cute. This also applies to Kleptocats. It is the best collection of creatures you will ever find in any game. You may be tempted to think that they are flawless. However, these cute creatures have a dark side. You can easily predict this from their names.

Stealing is normal for them, and they can’t help but keep stealing anything they come across. From the smallest things to the largest, Kleptocats have been stealing anything and everything.

kleptocats-apk-latest version

Although these creatures are good at stealing, you should notice that your room is empty, a disaster, right? This is your chance to make things different and give your room a completely different look. You can use the furry and cute paws of these creatures as a match for your room.

They will help you fill your room. All you have to do is send them to collect different items. You will be dizzy from the beautiful and amazing treasures they will return. claw some right?


You can never predict what these creatures will come back with, but one thing is for sure you will love it. Put an end to your living in an empty room with Kleptocats.

Kleptocats Mod Apk free download

The mod of every game always has something interesting to offer. Kleptocats Mod Apk is not left out of this awesomeness.


There are many great features that can be seen in the modded version and this includes unlimited money. Download now to start enjoying these features now.


Download the latest version of Kleptocats now to send these cute cats to collect different items for you.

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