Kick the Buddy Mod Apk 1.5.7 (Unlimited Money, Gold) Download

Do you need to relieve some stress? Download Kick the Buddy mod APK now to get rid of your rage on a rag doll! Buddy is a poor rag doll who’s going to get some pretty extreme violence not to throw your keyboard through your screen at work.


Use guns, animals, dinosaurs, nukes, torture tools, knives and much more to attack friends and see if you can’t destroy this damned doll! The friend doesn’t mind, doesn’t feel pain – or does he? Realistically, we’re not really in the business of paying much attention to this, it’s ultimately a figment of technology.

Take it on Buddy!

You’ve locked Buddy in a room and now you can choose from a variety of creative destructive devices to attack him with. Perhaps you want to imagine that he is your boss? Maybe he’s the guy your ex-husband ran off with? Who knows who he is, but we’re willing to guess you’d plant someone’s face on him.

buddy kick apk

Are you having a bad day? BUDDY HERE!

We didn’t consult with psychologists before writing this post, but we’re willing to bet that getting the hell out of Buddy is good for your mental health. If you have had a bad day at work then we highly recommend you to download this game and get rid of your frustration in HR department of this game. Then you can continue to wear a carefree smile all day long. Yay!

The best way to kick friends!

If you are going to play this game, you should know that it can be so very Addictive and you will live a better life to play it. There are plenty of ways you can kick and punish a friend. First, you must understand that the more damage you do to Buddy, the more coins you will earn to spend on new and better ways to attack him!

Catch him. It wouldn’t be fun if you couldn’t open a nuke to explode in front of Buddy’s face, right? This is one of the ultimate ways to punish Buddy – but it will soon be over. You may want a more “stress de-stress” method to hit him.

Hit him with a bat. You can say that this is one of the most stress-relieving ways to punish friends. Taking a baseball bat and hitting Buddy’s head with it will bring you fleeting moments of joy that are so delicate that they are like a gently frozen cloud about to turn into snow. The quietness of smashing Buddy’s head while imagining that in reality someone you don’t like will make you sleep peacefully at night, cuddled in bed like a baby.

Get the dinosaur to choke him to death. You can have dinosaurs bite the ropes that are wrapped around Buddy’s neck and choke him. You can also try to unleash a group of wild animals on Buddy, or a group of angry bats. In fact, there are many ways to incorporate your love of wildlife into torturing friends. you’ll love it.

Kick the Buddy Mod APK – Unlimited Money, Gold, Everything Unlocked

If you really want to have the freedom to beat the ragdoll crap, we recommend you to download Kick the Buddy mod APK – Unlimited Money + Gold. This will allow you to get endless resources to spend on new ways to attack friends. Your blood pressure will drop gently as you find new and more creative ways to kill friends.

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