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Books are always a great way to spend our time as they allow us to be creative and increase our vocabulary. In our world where smartphones have taken over the world, are there still people who read books? Surprisingly, there are still so many people who enjoy a good novel today. If you want to get the same experience of reading it with modern technology that we have today, play Keeper of Day and Night now!

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This is an interactive novel game published by Hosted Games. Contains 390,000 words full of action, twists, drama, romance, magic, and more! Here, you play as a second-year student at Magi Academy where you learn how to control your powers. Here, you will interact with other characters in addition to the opponent! Enjoy this game with your imagination now.

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When we were kids and at school, we read books all the time. In fact, when smartphones did not exist, many people considered reading books as a hobby. But now that we have smartphones with thousands of games and apps, the world has completely changed. Most kids today play games even at the age of 3. While this is not necessarily bad, it robs people of the fun they could get from reading books!

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Fortunately, there is a game called Keeper of Day and Night where you can play an interactive storytelling game. Enjoy the story where you play as a second-year mage at the Mage Academy. Here, you’ll find all kinds of people you’ll meet as well as other unique types. Face your love interest in the game and try to date and befriend other races. This is a game that will fuel your imagination to the full!

Discover many secrets about your past and try to make decisions that you would like to happen in your future.

Day and night guard features

Whether you like books or not, you will definitely love playing this game! It’s packed with these exciting features:

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Game based on the novel – You may have read a book in the past or a book today. But most of the people today are playing games or watching movies in their earlier time. Only a few people read books that enrich our souls and give us an outlet for our imaginations to run freely. Because of this, many developers have started making games like Keeper of Day and Night where narratives will be at the center of them. This is not your typical role playing game because it does not contain any pictures or animations!

The game contains 390,000 words of pure fun. The story is full of romance, betrayal, drama, action, adventure and many more. You will enjoy choosing your major such as Technology Engineering and Magic Theory. There are also many people you can meet who are of unique races and species. Have fun learning to control your power as one of the seven unique types in the game.

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interesting story – If you’ve ever finished reading a novel, you know how satisfying it is or not. But whatever you think of the story, you will enjoy reading this story! At just over 390,000 words written by Bryn Chernowski, this interactive novel lives up to the hype. It has an average rating of 4.9 on the Play Store as it continues to be downloaded by many. You will venture into different scenarios mostly located in Magi Academy.

Choose your own character – Here, you are free to choose your own character. You can choose from one of the following genders: female, male or non-binary: straight, gay, bi, asexual. Here, you can freely choose who you can foster relationships with. There are a lot of things to explore in the game as you follow the story. You will learn how to control your powers and use them for the benefit of many. Apart from that, you will be able to raise different pets! You can choose from hell puppy, ghost cat or hatching dragon.

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Meet many interesting people – You will be able to meet interesting characters in Keeper of Day and Night. Here, you can befriend or have romantic relationships with unique species. There are people who have telepathy and clairvoyance in the game. Also, you will be able to control the New Magic City or you can craft your own story.

Make your choices – This is not just a novel with a fixed plot. It allows you to make your own choices! There are many different ways the game can end.

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Want to immerse yourself in an interactive novel today? Download Keeper of Day and Night and enjoy the new story.

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