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Love endless runner games and Jumanji? What about the two together? Get to know Jumanji Epic Run APK. The jungle awaits you as you embark on an epic adventure full of brave chases. Meet familiar characters from the hit movie like Dr. Smulder Braveston, Robbie Roundhouse, Franklin Finbarr and Professor Shelley Oberon.


You will run towards a goal which is to get the precious diamond you were looking for. She’s been stolen by a treasure runner! But be careful, this is not your usual running game. Jumanji Epic Run offers great gameplay and mechanics with a bit of a challenge along the way. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Read on!

Discover exciting maps and new characters

Every gamer knows that the map can get boring after a while. That is why this game introduces new maps that you need to unlock in addition to the characters. This gives you a whole new way to play.

There are 4 characters in the movie and in this game: Dr. Smolder Braveston, Franklin Finbarr, Robbie Roundhouse and Shelly Oberon. You can get it when you unlock each map: The Jungle, The Oasis, The Dunes and MT Zhatmire.

Apart from that, each character is equipped with their own special skills just like in the movie. Keep this in mind whenever you play a specific character as this can come in handy. For example, when you play Ruby, you can use nuns’ cartridges to eliminate everything in her path.

As you progress, you can upgrade their skills with gold and diamonds. This will give you more strength and power to complete the tasks.

An adventure full of mission

Even though this is a runner game, you won’t just run. Yes, you will be given tasks to complete as you go. They appear frequently and that is why you should pay attention to them.

Quests vary and can usually involve doing things like collecting a certain amount of gold, defeating some bandits, and more. When you complete these tasks, you will receive rewards such as gold or diamonds. Keep doing it to get more rewards!

Amazing graphics and realistic sounds

Jumanji Epic Run also boasts of its stunning 3D graphics that will draw you into the game for hours. The colors are so vibrant and realistic and the characters are so life-like that you would mistake it for a movie.

jumanji-epic-run-mod-apk-latest version

Apart from that, you will really immerse yourself in the game when you hear the music as you accomplish epic missions.

Collect chests to get rewards

While playing the game, you will see some chests here and there. Collect them as much as you can because they usually contain gold and diamonds that you can use to buy things and unlock new maps.

There are 3 types of funds that you should watch out for:

  • Free box
  • special box
  • Legendary chest (up to 4 rewards)

Tips for playing Jumanji: Epic Run

The game is exciting because you never know what to expect. It’s the element of surprise and excitement that makes it truly immersive. But sometimes, you get stuck playing it and you can’t progress which makes you frustrated. Don’t worry, we’ve been through these things and because of them, we’ve learned a few things. We will share it with you so that you can become even better at the game!

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  1. keep on running – You beat your highest score; You have reached new heights. But one wrong move and you’re out! What are you doing? No! Don’t quit running yet when you can continue it. How do? By watching a 5-15 second video ad for free. Doing so will allow you to continue where you left off.
  2. Upgrade their own abilities – As mentioned earlier, each character is equipped with a special ability. For example, Smolder has a foolproof mutation. You can use it to shoot any enemy that gets in your way. That’s why it’s important to upgrade these devices if you get the chance. They might save your life once!
  3. Collect rewards from achievements – Located on the right side of the lobby screen, you will see the rewards from your achievements. Check back regularly as you can collect rewards here from completing the achievements. Achievements vary from small to large tasks. And the rewards you get can range from a few gems to more. Just keep an eye on this section especially when you see a red notification it means you have a pending reward.
  4. Always grab power-ups! – As you run through the game, you will randomly come across one of four power-ups. They just walk around so be sure to take them! Each of them gives you something specific. Here they are for reference:
    • gold multiplier – With this power, your gold will multiply with every single one you collect. Make sure to go for gold when you have this! It is only available for a limited time.
    • magnet – With this power, all the gold and power will come to you naturally. You don’t need to maneuver now and then just to get it. Just watch out for bandits and other obstacles!
    • shield – The shield will protect you for one hit. No matter what hits you, the game is not over.
    • dune buggy – This powerup allows you to get behind the dune buggy for the team. You can go grab some gold in the air when flying.

Download Jumanji Epic Run APK

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