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The casual game genre is one of the most loved by all the players. It is a fun game to play regardless of time and place as it does not require much energy to play. Unlike action or adventure games, casual games are free and they provide fun for anyone. In Island King, you will become king of all the islands as you search for your father. Explore different islands today and conquer coins from cash kings.

island king apk

You will also need to attack many islands in order to be able to control them in the game. This is a fun game brought to you by Forever9 Games that lets you enjoy spinner wheels! Get great luck with the wheels so you can do many things like attack, defend, steal and even get money. There are a lot of things to accomplish in this fun casual game today. Don’t let anyone stand in your way!

Be the king of the islands

The world consists of thousands of islands and even millions today as there are many of them everywhere. These islands are rich in resources like minerals, food, wood and many more. Apart from that, you can enjoy the fresh air, beaches and abundant animal life all around. In Island King, you’ll need to help Luna become the king of the islands so she can find her father! This is a fun casual game for everyone today looking to enjoy islands.

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In this fun game today, you will need to find your lost family as they have been taken away! Your village has also been looted, now it’s up to you to get the sweet revenge. To do this, you will need to go to different islands such as Ancient Greece, Exotic Italy, Love Angel and many more. You will then need to extract their fortune by stealing coins to build your own island. Attack a lot of enemies today and try to defend your island from the attackers.

There are a lot of things you can do to get revenge today. This is a fun game that allows you to play with other real players.

Features of King of the Island

In this game, you will try to get back what you lost by looting other islands. Find your family as well today!

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get revenge – The islands are a fun destination for many tourists. Some live on the islands because it is a fun way to live. There are plenty of beaches, natural resources and fresh air. But what if you suddenly return to your home island only to discover that your home has been looted and your family taken from it. You will not sit idly by as you will slowly but surely take revenge!

In this casual game, you will take your possessions from pirates and on different islands. Travel to different places today like Spain, Zimbabwe, Skull Island, Algeria and many more. You can then spin the wheel to win different things like stealing, raiding or attacking villages. You can also earn a lot of coins here so that you can build your own village island. Don’t be afraid of pirates today as you travel the world and save your family.

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attack islands – In this game, you will need to attack different islands to become their king. If you spin the wheel and launch an attack, you can then use different weapons to attack the islands. This will allow you to loot them and prove your dominance.

build your own – On King’s Island, your village has been looted and destroyed. It’s now up to you to rebuild everything using the loot you get from the other islands. Here, you can buy and build different things like trees, birds, animals and many more. You can also upgrade it which will cost you money but will save you a lot in return.

Explore the Red Islands – In this game, you can explore many islands today freely. Go to Algeria, Skull Island, Spain, Zimbabwe and many more. Each island has abundant resources that you will need to loot to build your own as well. Enjoy raiding these islands today and get as many coins as you can.

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Spin the magic wheel – In this game, your actions will be determined by the spinning magic wheel. Here, you can get random actions like attack, raid, rob and build. Spin to get coins as well as shield and luck.

collect cards – You can also collect valuable cards here today and exchange them with friends to complete puzzle sets. This is an attractive game that allows you to play with many people.

Island King Mod APK – Latest Version

There are many fun things to do on the island. Build your own car, loot and attack others in Island King!

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