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Technology has arrived so far in the 21st century that we can now communicate with millions of people all over the world. Today, we no longer need to wait for months just to get a response from anyone. We are more connected than ever before through the many social media apps we use.

Instagram Mod APK

Instagram sees more than 1 billion users every month around the world! In 2012, the tech giant Facebook bought Instagram which made it even more popular today. With over a billion installs in the Google Play Store alone, this app isn’t going away anytime soon! On the surface, Instagram looks like any other social media app but it is much more than that. It allows you to post and browse photos and follow lots of people and brands! There is so much to enjoy in this app!

Introduction to Instagram

Thanks to the Internet, we can now do a lot of things wherever we are. We can chat, video calls, communicate and do other things. We can post photos, videos, and more! Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps at the moment. The social networking site sees more than a billion users every month!

Instagram Mod APK

If you ever wanted to have a platform where you can share your best moments as well as your sad moments, then Instagram is the perfect app for you! Here, you can post photos, videos and even follow celebrities to get a glimpse into their lives. There have been a lot of people who have had success thanks to this platform. But for others, this is a great way to get unique content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Instagram features

Instagram is really one of the cute social media app that has been around for a decade now. Its presence has given people an outlet to post their photos and videos for all to see! Here are its features:

Instagram Mod APK

Post photos and videos – What initially started as a way for people to check where they are on a mobile app has grown into the behemoth of the app we know today. This is the story with Instagram that everyone seems to know or have heard of nowadays. Here, you can post any photo or video that you want to share with your followers! Here, you can add a heart, comment and share any post you want! There are over 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day!

Follow and chat with people and brands – On Instagram, you can follow anyone you like as long as their profile is set to public. Here, you can follow your friends, family, acquaintances, well-known people and others! There are no limits to who you can follow and who can follow you. Most importantly, you can chat with your followers too! This makes this social media app another where you can connect with anyone instantly!

stories and live – Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can expect to see a lot of similarities between the two. One of them is the presence of stories. Here, you can post photos or videos that will only last for 24 hours. There is a dedicated Stories section where you can see the stories of everyone you follow! Apart from that, you can post as many stories as you want and you can even see who viewed them.

Instagram Mod APK

Filters and emojis – Instagram also has a camera feature where there are tons of filters and emojis that you can use! The app updates this regularly so you can use a lot like puppy ears, makeup, and more! There are plenty of filters to choose from to meet your daily selfie needs.

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