Ink Inc Tattoo Drawing APK 2.2.12 download

With Ink Inc. Tattoo Drawing, you can become a famous tattoo artist and let all your creative juices out. The game is developed by Lion Studios – the same developers that brought you the classic Happy Glass.

How to play Ink Inc. Tattoo Drawing

Ink Inc. Drawing tattoos is a simple game. You have a tattoo design to do on someone’s skin. The outline is already done for you, so you only need to worry about filling in the blanks. This means that your task is to color the ink and complete the tattoo.


Your teacher – a big bearded guy who looks like he could be an angel of hell – is always watching and gives you a star rating for your work. If you make a perfect tattoo, you will get three stars.

As you progress through the levels, the tattoos you need to color become more and more complex and you’ll quickly find yourself having to focus even more so you don’t make any mistakes – just like a real tattoo artist!

You can experience the joy of running your own tattoo studio in this game – something that will make you more prone to pride and pleasure in every job you complete. Ensure your tattoos are top notch and customers will keep coming back for more. By the end of the game, you will have a successful business, a livelihood, and be a reputable tattoo artist.

ink-inc-tattoo-drawing apk

You can make hundreds of tattoos, always using your finger to precisely guide the ink to the right spot. If you have a stylus on your phone, we definitely recommend using it as this will give you an edge. Likewise, using a tablet will make the game easier for you as you will have more screen space to work with.

Tips for playing Ink Inc. Tattoo Drawing

If you are going to be a professional tattoo artist, you need to make sure that you have the right skills to match. The best way to play this game is to relax while drawing – this will reduce the possibility that you will make small mistakes.


We also recommend using a pen. This will allow you to get more precision when coloring your tattoo, although it’s not an essential tool if you don’t have one. Your finger will also do the job fine if you’re careful.

Make sure not to get out of the lines! It’s fine when you’re a kid and drawing—it can show creativity—but when someone is paying you to ink for life, you shouldn’t cross the lines.

Ink Tattoo Company APK

Download apk of Ink Inc. Tattoo Drawing now to experience what it’s like to be a famous tattoo artist without having to pay a single penny. Make sure you pay close attention to every detail – good luck on your journey to becoming the best artist in town!

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