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Simulation has been on the rise since the success of The Sims series which spawned many games. There seem to be more simulation games now than ever and the demand for them is clear.


If you are looking for a mix of Tinder and The Sims – meet IMVU. This 3D role-playing game allows you to live your life and create your own 3D avatar the way you want. After that, you can chat and meet new people as avatars in the game. In this game, you have a chance to make new friends both in and out of the game, so be sure to act like you are! Interested in learning more? Read on!

What is IMVU?

Enter IMVU – a 3D simulation world that lets you create custom avatars and lets you live your life on your terms. Think of it as a combination of Tinder and The Sims and you’ll have a very good simulation game.

At IMVU, you are free to create your own story/life as you want. There is no story you need to follow here. You can choose to find the romantic partner of your life or go for an exciting adventure of your choice. In this game, you can communicate with others through the in-game chat feature. In this game, you can meet new partners, relax on the beach, make new friends and do whatever you want.

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In this game, there are two currencies that you will use to buy in-game things. You can role-play with your loved one when you meet random people from all over the world in this app and you can even start a family with them! You can also buy clothes, homes, furniture, leather, clubs, landscaping, and everything in between. You will never get bored in this game because everything is allowed as long as you want.

IMVU Features

Simulation games have become very high tech in recent times. It seems to revolve around one theme and offers great gameplay to the players. IMVU is no exception as it is a revolutionary game that brings unique items to the table. If you want to know more about it, here are its main features:

Create your own avatar – What makes The Sims series such a hit among fans is the ability to create your own avatars. This feature is also available on IMVU! Here, you have complete control over what your character should look like from top to bottom! You can choose skin tone, clothes, facial features, and more. You don’t need to abide by the rules either, you can choose which gender you prefer to play with if you’re interested too. The only rule you have to follow is to enjoy the game to the fullest!


chat – The only major thing that separates this game from The Sims is the real-time chat feature! Think of this game as a Tinder app that lets you interact with those you’re chatting with in real time! This way, you can reach out to strangers and start having a conversation like in real life. Then, you can also walk away from them if you don’t want to continue talking. The good thing is that you can add them as friends and you can chat with them as you like if you so choose. This is what makes this game interesting because you are chatting with real people from all over the world. Just make sure to communicate in English or else they may or may not be able to understand you.

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virtual life – If you’ve always wanted to live a life full of action or adventure, this is your chance to do it – at least in the game. At IMVU, there are no rules that you can stick to, you just enjoy the company of your friend. This is an online social game so you will meet many new people and some of them can start a family with you if you like it. It is entirely up to you how you live your life in this game.

HD graphics – What makes this game interesting is the 3D graphics. But it’s not just 3D, it’s HD too! Your character can do almost any task and action in the game. You can simulate a love story if you want or an adventure game. All of this is possible thanks to the high-quality gameplay and graphics offered by IMVU. Who knew that a 26MB download size could achieve all this?


easy controls – Since this is a simulation game, you will not need complicated controls to guide your character. You can hang out with your real life friends in this game without much hassle. All you have to do is tap on the screen. There are no secret buttons or anything, just a click and play a game.

emojis – The other thing that sets this game apart from the rest is the emojis and filters. You can post pictures of yourself and add filters and emojis to them so you can grab the attention of others just like in real life! You can also express yourself through the chat function thanks to the wide range of emojis and emotions at your disposal!

Tips for playing IMVU

Although there is no story in IMVU, it is useful to know how to play it properly especially for beginners. With that, here are our tips for you:

Create your account wisely – In IMVU, you have the ability to choose the gender and appearance you would like your avatar to have. The only problem is that a lot of guys later regret their choices and can’t do anything about it. Sure, they can always create a new account but that will be a huge hassle in the long run. So, to avoid this, choose your account name and avatar style beforehand wisely.

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