Impostor Academy Mod APK 1.31 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Free Download

There are over 100 different Impostors that you can collect. There is no main objective other than to collect them all. And for some reason, Imposter Academy still manages to be highly addictive with its simple concept. Merge all of the same skin imposter to unlock new skin level.


There are 3 different aspects to manage in the game:

Speed: Speed ​​represents the total speed of production. This is how quickly the Minions end up making money for you.

Minions: This will increase the level of Imposter which will spawn every few seconds. Use this in order to keep yourself consistently making higher profits.

he won: Finally, this aspect of Imposter Academy will make your Minions make more money overall.

Different Imposter Academy power ups

In order to speed up the collecting process, there are different power-ups that can be used in Imposter Academy. Therefore, we have listed a few of them that are particularly useful in…

Impostor-Academy-apk-latest version
  • golden Bonus Fund It will give you 18 minions right after using it.
  • Moreover , Grenade is another handy power to have at your disposal. This will give you a time boost and a 15 second profit increase.
  • After that, there is a drop the umbrella With money symbols on it. This will give you a lot of coins in an instant!
  • The combat token will make you enter the arena. Here, the strongest Imposter will fight many other forms in succession. Every victory will reward you with coins. Moreover, you will keep fighting more and more minions, until you finally lose.

Ads… Ads… ADS!!

By far, the biggest disappointment with Imposter Academy is the sheer amount of ads required in order for you to play the game. Power and action can never be done without watching an advertisement. Fortunately, there is a way to remove Imposter Academy ads. But this will cost you around $6.99. A huge price to pay for an absurd amount of advertising…

Imposter Academy Mod APK Free Download

In order to avoid all these annoying ads, you will need to download Imposter Academy Mod APK latest version for Android free of charge. This version gives you one of the best possible alternatives to collecting your own minions:

  • Access Imposter Academy Mod APK Unlimited Coins.

That’s right, with unlimited coins, you can instantly upgrade all your production features. This way, your followers will come faster than ever before! Combine them and create new Imposter skins to complete your collection.

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