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Download Idle School Tycoon APK – Run A School

Schools are a place of learning for many people in the world. Starting at an early age, people go to schools to learn and become lifelong achievers. Idle School Tycoon is famous game under billionaire category.

From the game Octopus, this game has more than 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store. It has many positive reviews because it has a lot of ingredients.

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As a game tycoon, all you will do is manage everything to run the school perfectly. As a manager, you have many responsibilities.

One is to ensure that dormitories are well equipped, that classes are conducive, and that every facility is functional. If this sounds exciting to you, there are plenty of tasks to look forward to. But most of all, make sure the students are educated!

How does Idle Tycoon work?

Over the years, there have been new subgenres that have emerged from the main genres. As part of the simulation category, idle tycoon games are a popular alternative.

The goal of these games is to have the player take on a managerial role. Instead of the usual game where you control a character, you will only be watching from above.

The beauty of these games lies in the fact that the success of the business lies in the hands of the players. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made in business. In Idle School Tycoon, the player will act as the boss in charge of everything.

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Running a school is just a job and you are the one to do it all. From hiring staff to improving facilities, the responsibilities are endless. But the best part is when you get rich from all the students enrolled!

Since you will be in a management role, you will play the game as if you were a god. You will see everything from above and can easily make improvements and adjustments. For example, you can buy various items and decorate housing.

Features you’ll love in Idle School Tycoon

As a manager of Idle School Tycoon, you will do a lot of work. The game is packed with these features that you will love:

building facilities – A school needs various facilities to function properly. Part of your responsibility at Idle School Tycoon is to ensure that the needs of the students are met.

The goal is to build sustainable restaurants, clean up dormitories and expand classrooms. The game allows you to build new buildings and facilities to improve the lives of students. But note that building each facility costs a lot of money.

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Expand your operations – The more students your school has, the more facilities you will have. Over time, you will need to open more classrooms, build more buildings, and create more facilities. Think of this as an investment to make more money!

Hire your employees – The school cannot function without its staff. The most important members except for the principal are the teachers. In Idle School Tycoon, one of your tasks is to hire staff.

But you won’t do it the old fashioned way. Alternatively, you can purchase cards that introduce different employees. The game arranges the cards in different categories such as Super Scholar, Budgeting, Book Bidding, Application, Body Builder, Librarian, and more.

Different cards have different effects. Some may reduce the cost of books, and others may increase your sales. In general, it is in your best interest to open the best cards.

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Dealing with different tasks – From time to time, the game will throw unexpected tasks for the boss. As a school principal, you must be able to solve different scenarios.

There will be fights between students and employees asking for a raise and more. The school will run smoothly if you can deal with these problems. Don’t expect a smooth sailing life as this is still work.

Amazing Photos – The visuals of Idle School Tycoon are on par with any idle tycoon game out there. The 3D aspect is evident and so are the effects. The game gives you a bird’s-eye view to see everything from above.

This means that you can go to any part of the school such as the cafeteria to the dorms easily. You can also zoom in and out so you can see the bigger picture and the smaller details.

A tour of the different maps – There are also different maps here for you to unlock and explore. These include the School of Mechanical Engineering, Galaxy Culinary Institute, Lvy International College, and others.

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The game will give you a pointer hand that acts like you. You can control everything just by tapping on the screen and buttons.

Download Idle School Tycoon APK – latest version

Growing a school is a difficult task that only a worthy principal can undertake. Challenge yourself in Idle School Tycoon!

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