Idle Mafia Mod Apk 6.3.0 (Unlimited Money) download for Android

Almost all of us know what the mafia is about. They may be bad but some people wish they could be because they are so badass. However, this is not recommended in real life. But today, simulation games have given us many games that give us a lot of fun.


Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager from Century Game allows you to build your own mafia in the city. With this opportunity, you will learn that the Mafia operates just like corporations – except that the former is illegal. However, we cannot deny that this game brings entertainment to the next level. So, if you’re craving some action and want to smash some people, read all about this gem!

What is Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager?

Simulation games have come a long way from The Sims. Nowadays, it seems that there are more and more games that revolve around a certain theme. Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager is one of those games where this game is all about creating your own mafia that will rule the city.

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager is a very popular game with more than 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, you can do anything because you are a mafia. You don’t have to be afraid of the police because you can just buy them using your cash. But nothing comes easy even when you are mafia. You need to build your reputation first if you want to be respected around town.

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In this game, all you have to do is run businesses and collect capos. Those capos will do whatever you tell them to because you’re the boss. And as you advance, you will get more chances to conquer new territories. Use any means necessary to get past these areas, that’s what it’s like to be a mafia. In this game, you are allowed to do illegal things that you normally can’t do in real life. This means that you can rob, rob or even kill people. Live the life you want and be ready to take on the city as the only mafia around! Read on to learn more about the game’s features!

Features of Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager is not just an ordinary simulation game. This has already won the hearts of many mafia lovers and it might win you too! To know more about this amazing game, here are the features of Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager:

Exceptional graphics – This game has modern 3D graphics which you will see in a lot of games nowadays. However, Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager excels in designs as it has one of the smoothest gameplay you will ever play. Each building is beautifully designed as well as the characters. You cannot expect anything less from this game because it has everything you need. And even though the game only allows you to control it from a bird’s eye view, the elements still come together to create a cohesive and consistent game.

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Easy controls – In Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager, there aren’t any controls. The controls are very simple as with any simulation games – just tap the screen accordingly. If you want to collect money from your business, just click on the buildings. If you want to take part in the battles, just choose it. This is how incredibly easy it is to control this game. You don’t need to memorize any complicated moves or micromanage your capos to fight other cartels. They will do this automatically as soon as you ask them to. Your job will be just to oversee everything and make sure the business runs smoothly.

Business Management – In this game, you will find that the mafia generally sets up companies to make more money. This means that you can use your money to set up a casino, a gentleman’s club, or even an adult studio counter. All of these are essential if you want to expand your territories and hire more people. This is what it means to be an international crime syndicate. You will do whatever it takes to make more money.

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collect capos – In this game, you are allowed to collect capos. If you don’t know, the capos are notorious criminals from all over the world with special abilities. Think of them as one of the most valuable assets that will help you conquer new territories. They will help you achieve your dream of becoming an international crime syndicate if that is what you are after. But above all, they are the right mates, who will take care of your things while you oversee the entire organization.

do what you want – In this game, you are welcome to do whatever you want. Take protection charges, rob anyone, and fight in the streets. Be a generous leader or a tough leader. Whatever you want to do in this game, there is no one to stop you. You are free to commit crimes to any extent in order to expand your territory.

idle cash – In this game, once you have acquired and established a business, your only job is to collect idle money. Let your buddies handle all the dirty work as you sit at the top of the building collecting all the cash. Do whatever you want to collect as much money as you can as you will use it to hire more capos and create more businesses. Level up your production to gain new heights and etch your name across the country as the number one crime syndicate.


Expand your territory – In this game, one of your goals is to claim new territories. It doesn’t matter if another mafia already has business in their territory, you just need to defeat them. Do anything necessary to expand your territories and get more power. Because you can’t call yourself a crime lord if you don’t have the strength and buildings to show it, right?

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager APK – Unlimited Money

Becoming a mafia boss in Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager is cool but hard to achieve when you don’t have money. Don’t worry, just download the unlimited money mod now and enjoy!

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