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Idle Life Sim is a game from Codigames, a game studio that specializes in fun idle games for Android, such as Idle Supermarket. In Idle Life Sim, you are given control of the entire life, through a cute little avatar. You build and design the perfect home, find your dream job, and go about your social activities just as you would in real life. The options are endless, and the possibilities are vast. Watching your one-of-a-kind life, with some help along the way with you, is a great experience and works well on Android!


Idle Life Sim is a great casual game to pass the time, but it also involves a lot of management and strategy. The success of your avatar rests on your shoulders, and you make executive decisions about their lives, whether this is their career or the choice of activities. Start from a humble position in life – just starting out with a small rental apartment and a job that gets on your nerves a bit. With hard work, persistence, and plenty of help from a hand in the sky, you can excel at Idle Life Sim! Upgrade your house, build your dreams, and make it through in life! Download Idle Life Sim today to jump into this hard-to-master and turn-based casual strategy game.


Best features of Idle Life Sim

Idle Life Sim is an idle sim game, which is a very popular type of game on Android and other mobile platforms. Idle games don’t require you to play constantly to be rewarded with game progress, and are ideal for those who like to pick up, play, and not be glued to their phone around the clock. Time passes while the game is closed, which means your avatar continues to progress and live their lives in the background, going to work, meeting friends, and heading to bed. Here is a list of some of the best gameplay mechanics and features to give you a better idea of ​​Idle Life Sim.

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Simulated scientist, running in the background

Starting out in Idle Life Sim will provide you with the platform for the rest of your character’s progression, which often happens while you’re away from the phone. First, customize your look, male or female, and choose some basic decorations for your first home. Then start heading to work and letting the character do her job while you cook dinner, read a book, or go to work. Part of the charm, and why idle games are so popular on mobile, is the fact that they don’t require all of your time to get a good sense of progression. Idle Life Sim does this well.

Create a completely unique avatar

To really make the characters feel like your own, you can create an avatar at the start of the game using a bunch of different customization tools. You can change their facial features, hair, size, fashion, clothing, and much more. During the game, you will be able to collect more and more items from them, such as new clothes to stock closets or new hairstyle and color to impress your new avatar friends! Cute and cuddly, these avatars are perfect for an idle game.

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Customize your avatar’s home and house

One of the most fun aspects of Idle Life Sim is designing your avatar’s house. There are plenty of customization options – not unlike a game like Animal Crossing: New Horizons – and a solid sense of progression through the game. You start in a small loft and over a period of time you upgrade to a magnificent and huge mansion. You’ll have room to start with a comfortable bed, maybe some pillows and a TV. As your avatar progresses through their careers and earnings, you’ll have more space and more money to spend on cool and useful items for your home.

Choose the perfect career for you

There is no shortage of career options, spanning everything from sports to an art office job. Become a sports star and train hard to be the best, or study books and computers to become the rich CEO of a tech startup. Chase those promotions and take different paths through the world of work to make the best for your avatar. Earn pay increases to upgrade your home, buy new stuff, and keep your avatar happy. This is where the management and sim parts of this idle game come in – you need to make learned moves and keep moving up the career chain to keep the wheel alive.

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Make the important decisions

While some of the game keeps itself running even when you’re not there, it’s your decision-making that determines your avatar’s success throughout the game. Tough decisions mean tough choices, and managing the microscopic parts of your avatar’s life can have huge impacts on their love life and career. Each story is completely unique thanks to your choices, and you can watch the effects of those choices on your avatar’s reality. Select an option and then let the game run in the background. Their lives will continue to evolve and change as long as you continue to log in to check the game!

Idle Life Sim APK

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