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Simulation games are now ruling the gaming world. This is especially true of mobile games as a lot of such games have come out since then. Thanks to the huge success of other simulation games, there are now a lot of such games on the market.

Idle Brick Breaker Mod APK

As proof, Idle Brick Breaker is a simulation game created by Tech Tree Games. It has already reached more than 50 thousand installs even though it is new. If you were a ’90s kid, you probably had Gameboys and the like. On the other hand, this game plays on the classic brick games but brings the idle side to it. Here, you can unlock new balls that have different abilities.

Introduction to Idle Brick Breaker

The thing that makes simulation games so popular is because they are so good. They are mostly one of a kind and this only adds to their overall popularity. Idle Brick Breaker is a good example of a game that once again broke the norm.

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This game has classic gameplay in which you can play with balls and bricks. But this time, you don’t have to control the bricks to hit the balls! You just need to collect, upgrade and unlock new balls to increase your money. Apart from that, you can collect cards, upgrade each ball’s speed and power, and unlock perks as well. There are a lot of levels to play in Idle Brick Breaker! Can you become a millionaire in this game?

Great features of idle brick crusher

Classic games are always great games to play. They bring back our childhood even when it’s been years since we last played. Idle Brick Breaker adds a twist to our favorite childhood game! Read the features here:

idle play – It’s always nice to know when developers are bringing back old classics and providing a new way to play. They do this either by adding new items or adding some twists. That’s definitely the case in this new game called Idle Brick Breaker. The game is an advanced version of the brick games that we all played before. But in this game, you don’t have to control the direction of the balls or the bricks themselves. Simply unlock and upgrade your balls and earn passive money! If this isn’t epic, we don’t know what will! Try to become a billionaire in this game!

idle-brick-breaker-apk-free-download.  idle-brick-breaker-apk-free-download

open a lot of things – You can unlock a lot of balls in Idle Brick Breaker. There are a lot of balls with different types of abilities like splash damage, poison and auto targeting. These balls obviously cost a lot more to unlock but they give you a better payout compared to regular balls! Unlock as many of them as you can and try to finish each level faster. This is how you win in this game!

balls upgrade – Apart from that, you can also upgrade the speed and power of each ball. This will allow you to complete the levels faster because the bricks will be broken faster as well. But of course, upgrading your balls takes money and as you upgrade them, the cost will also increase. This is how this game works.

Stunning 2D graphics – What is most exciting about this game is the fact that the graphics are very simple yet very elegant. It is set in a 2D world where you can clearly see the different colored balls with different stones as well.

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infinite levels – You can play a lot of levels in this game and each one has different amount of bricks. There is no end to the levels as long as you keep playing!

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Classic games like Idle Brick Breaker are always a great game to play. Download now if you want to unlock all the powerballs right away!

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