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Have you ever experienced the paranormal on your device, as well as the stress and intensity that comes with it? Playing horror games on your mobile phone is a great thing for you to experience. There are many horror games that you can download and play, but not all of them are amazing.


You need not search further because NetEase has provided one of the most amazing horror games out there. This horror game is called Identity V. It is worth noting that the game is a 1 vs 4 asymmetrical game. Step into this horror mobile game and see if you can resist the fear of the unknown.

There are a lot of amazing things about this game, among them the gothic art style, the exciting gameplay, and the mysterious storyline. This is the game to install if you want to have a breathtaking experience.

Great features

Here are some great features of this game:

Gothic visual style

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The writing styles used in this game are attractive. This is because it uses the Gothic visual style. The uniqueness of this style will take you back to the Victorian era.

1 vs 4 unequal battles

Experience the intense battles featured in the game. There are four survivors in this game. You can either team up with your teammates or be a ruthless hunter. There are other roles you will play, such as decoding and escaping by opening gates.

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Random map adjustments

The game map is another great feature to explore. In Identity V, the map is different for each game. This is to ensure that players are not aware. It also makes the game more attractive.

Grab background settings

The game begins when you receive a strange message asking you to investigate a forgotten mansion in search of a mini-game. It is worth noting that you are a detective in this game. There are so many terrifying things you will learn the closer you get to the truth.

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Choose among different characters

There are other characters in the game, except for the detective. What’s amazing is that you can also customize these characters. The goal is to make it easier for you to get a character that matches yours. You can easily achieve victory this way.

Download Identity V APK

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Download the latest version of Identity V for horror action on your mobile device.

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