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Hook and Smash is a fun game from the Rolling Game team, a simple puzzle game that involves demolishing consecutive amounts of huge buildings. Some are easier to get down than others, while some require some serious thought. Developed in the Unity engine, it is one of the most popular modern Android games, and you will notice a great level of familiarity with other great games. The graphics are smooth, and the gameplay is really addictive! Launch your hook at famous landmarks and city buildings and tear them to the ground.

Download Hook and Smash for Android

The premise of Hook and Smash is very simple. All you have to do is aim with your hook, using the bar at the bottom of the screen to aim your hook, then unleash mayhem in downtown. Go in a straight line and you’ll soon run out of buildings to connect and group, so you need to set your angle to get a better shot of other buildings and city features. Once you smash it to the ground, you drag items back in to earn money, which can be used to upgrade your hook. Simple yet addictive game! Earn your way up the upgrade ladder to eventually take down the important downtown monument and become the best smasher and hooker ever.

Best hook and crush features

Hook and Smash, the latest game from the team that bought you classics like Plane Chase and Farm Master, is a very simple and very addictive destruction game with smooth graphics and interesting physics. Your goal, as the newly appointed Minister of Destruction for this very famous city, is to make room for brand new developments. Some of the local experts have handed you a cool, new set of streaks, which involve launching a massive grappling hook that destroys buildings and reels in wreckage. It’s effective, it’s fun – that’s what Hook and Smash is.

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Smooth gameplay

These types of mobile games are designed to run as smoothly as possible, and thanks to the innovative Unity engine that many of these games are built into, this game will run perfectly on almost any mobile phone. Keep in mind the ads and pop-ups, and you will get a smooth gaming experience with great physics mechanics and a lot of addictive action. Aim your hook, demolish buildings, and make room for the city to expand its basic services and tourist buildings! You are in charge.

Addictive gameplay

Once you figure out the controls, this game turns into a little time addictive, perfect for those who are sleepy and bored. Work your way through the ads when you download Hook and Smash and you’ll find your way to unlock new cities and different levels, allowing you to completely level entire cities. Each building collapses in a different way, and this makes the gameplay compelling for a longer period. With a beautiful blue sky in the background, there is nothing better than trying your hook on a condemned skyscraper!


Unlock new levels as you play

Levels start out super simple, with basic linking and the basic towns on the level. However, as you progress, destroying more and more, you’ll soon start to unlock new and exciting areas to deal with. You can also upgrade your hook with better strength and range and an easier angle so you can hit hard-to-reach buildings. There are also options to widen the diameter of the hook so you can haul in more valuable materials and debris.

Special buildings are scattered around the map

The main goal of the game is to reach the special monument in the center of the map, which is the most important place in the entire city, and the place that needs to be destroyed immediately! To get there, you need to upgrade your hook even further, giving you that extra reach to crack it and collect its valuable debris. Also scattered around the map are a bunch of golden buildings – these include the extra value items that make it easier to upgrade your hook and power you through the levels. These buildings look quite similar to normal buildings, so keep a close eye on the differences!

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The game intrudes on art and creativity

Although the game focuses on destruction, there are also a lot of technical qualities in the gameplay. As you destroy buildings, you will find yourself discovering beautiful colors and combinations of destroyed blocks. The game is really nice to look at, and the music is a great accompaniment to the gameplay. Keep a close eye on the buildings as they fall to the ground – they are cleverly designed to be as fun and smooth as possible! So many colors and so much fun.

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Hook and smash tips and tricks

What starts out simple actually takes some getting used to. The controls aren’t easy to understand at first, because you have to point the hook at an angle and then aim it around buildings to try and get as much down as possible. Target buildings that you know have more gold and upgradeable items – these are the items that make it easier for you to advance quickly through the game. Upgrade the hook as often as you can, expand its reach and devastating properties – this is also very important. Finally, take time to master the mechanics – learning how to properly aim the hook makes the game so much easier!

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