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Shooter games are among the most popular genres in the mobile gaming industry. There are a lot of games being developed and published every day in this genre. However, not all of them are worth your time. Most of them are created in a hurry but some are a gem.

Hitmasters is a shooting game like no other. In this game, your job is to eliminate all the enemies. However, it is not simple. The levels are full of puzzles that you need to solve while eliminating your enemies. As you progress, the challenges will get harder and harder. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best puzzle shooting game?

Unique shooting game

When we think of shooting games, we think of popular FPS games like Call of Duty, Fortnite or even Counter Strike. However, some players will surely get bored with these types of games after playing for a while.


If you are one of them, meet the Hitmasters. The popular game with more than 5 million downloads on Google Play is here to give you boundless excitement. In this game, you will play the role of a professional assassin who needs to eliminate all the enemies in this game. You can shoot them directly or think of creative ways to kill them using your surroundings. In this game, there are different challenges in each level, you need to use your creativity if you want to pass these challenges.

As you progress, you will face many challenging levels that will bring out the best in you. There will be obstacles, exploding bombs, cutting threads and more that you have to do in order to remove them. It is up to you on how you do things but in order to clear the level you have to get rid of all the bad guys. However, you only have a certain number of bullets to shoot. So make sure to use it wisely and effectively.

Hitmasters Features

At first glance, Hitmasters is a very simple game. But upon closer examination, you will realize that it has more to offer than it allows. With that said, here are the great features of Hitmasters:

Simple controls – When we say simple, it’s really simple. You just hold the screen and aim at where you want to shoot and then release your fingers to shoot. It’s that easy however you need to note your bullet protection otherwise it will be wasted. You also need to keep in mind that you can’t move your character freely here, so you need to be careful and creative when taking shots. As you move along the game, you will face challenges as there will be more enemies and obstacles that will hold you back.

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Challenging levels and bosses – Apart from the already difficult levels, you will fight a boss every 10 cleared levels. Although these bosses are similar to normal bosses, these have more HP and are therefore more difficult to deal with. If this does not bother you, it is worth noting that there will be more difficult obstacles that you will face on top of the bosses. It’s not that easy and simple now, is it?

Various game modes to enjoy – This game is not just a simple puzzle game. If you get bored of it easily, Hitmasters has 4 game modes for you to choose from. Shotgun mode is where your weapon is a shotgun shotgun which is only good for movement at close range. The next mode is the Gravity mode where you use the absorbing gun for the things that you will use to eliminate the enemies. Then there is the Ricochet mode where you will use a sniper rifle to easily take out targets from long distances. Finally, Toxic Mode allows you to carry jugs of acid that you will use to take out opponents. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Wide range of clothes and guns – After clearing 10 levels, you will receive offers from the shop about new weapons. There are a lot of weapons that you can buy and each has its own purpose. For example, you can buy new hunting rifles that you can use in rifle mode etc. Then there is also a large selection of clothing that you can buy to meet your needs. You can change your look however you like but you must choose wisely because it costs money. Note that the costumes won’t increase your attack power or add any damage to your guns – their only purpose is to help you look great.


2D flat graphics – Yes, it may not be 3D drawing or the next high tech but it fits the topic well. Since this is a puzzle shooting game, you must be able to see the entire level to complete it. Hitmasters do a very good job designing the characters, objects, and stage of each level. The subtleties of having everything precisely are what makes this game a popular game. The sound effects also add to the intensity and enjoyment of each challenge. You will definitely enjoy every aspect of the game as it is well designed.

Tips for playing Hitmasters

Although Hitmasters may look simple, it is actually a challenging game most of the time. You will always need to think outside the box if you want to solve the puzzle and eliminate the targets. That’s why we give you these tips to help you:

Shoot as little bullets as possible. The goal of this game is to solve the puzzle and eliminate the targets. But it’s not that simple. You should be able to do that with the bullets you get, which isn’t much. So, before taking any shot, try to think of the patterns around you. Find anything that can kill your enemies with just one shot. Doing so will definitely give you more rewards.

Understanding Weapons – In this game, the key to clearing the levels is your ability to use your weapons effectively. The way to do this is by understanding how to use it and how to use it effectively. Some guns can be just as confusing to some as the stuff sucking pistol. It’s important to practice and be good at it.

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