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Fulfill your dream of owning your own farm. Download Hay Day Mod APK for Android now to take part in the biggest and most accomplished farming simulation game on mobile right now. Developed by Supercell – the same people who brought you Clash of clans – Hay Day Mod APK is an eye-catching simulation where crops never die, although it never rains.


You will be able to grow and take care of your crops, raise animals and fish, and trade with your friends. The fun never stops in this amazing farming game. The 3D graphics are nice to look at and the gameplay is complex and deep.

Plant your way to bliss

If you are someone who likes the idea of ​​going to the countryside and running your own farm, Hay Day Mod APK is the game for you. Happy Farm is always sunny and you are always busy. Try to make as much money as possible from your farm and keep things running smoothly. Your crops will continue to grow while you’re away, so plant the seeds and let’s get ready for planting!

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Happiness is better when shared, so invite all your friends to come and see your amazing farm! Exchange animals, crops and ideas with your buddies and invite them to look around your farm and compare.

Tips for playing Hay Day Mod APK

Managing your own farm is a lot of fun, but doing it right is not easy. If you want to run your farm successfully and earn a lot of money in Hay Day APK then follow these simple tips and you will be sure of success.

Plant your seeds at the right time

Quite simply, you’ll want to plant seeds for taller-growing crops when you’ve been away from the game for longer, that way you’ll ensure you’ll always have something to come by whenever you open up the game.

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Save some seeds

Sometimes you have a customer request for seeds and it can be tempting to give them all away to satisfy the customer. This is not a good idea because you want to keep some of the seeds for yourself. Focus on planting seeds first, then keep some spare seeds for making products later.

Say no to buyers when necessary

It may seem tempting to sell all the time, but as mentioned earlier, your first priority is to grow your seeds and gain experience. You don’t always need to say yes to buyers – even when the equipment is ready for sale. However, you want to make sure you make good money with what you produce, so decline cheap offers (people want to part with as little money as possible when making you an offer). Say no to cheap offers, because people will not stand against you but may come back later with a better offer.


Sell ​​to your friends

Instead of selling to random people online, it would be better to do business with those you know and trust. You can set up your shop on the side of the road and sell from there instead of selling online. Keep your store updated and check local newspapers regularly to make sure you don’t miss any good deals.

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If you are ready to start farming then download Hay Day APK now and get ready to build a farming empire. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game and with it you will have no restrictions when playing.

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