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Many people go to the gym nowadays because they are conscious of their health and fitness. This is why there are so many more gyms today than ever before, and more people are attending them. But we all know that these memberships are not cheap especially if you hire a personal trainer to help you. This is where Gym WP comes in because it can act as your virtual personal trainer! This app contains all the exercise routines, stretches, and information you need.

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Think of this app as your personal coach where you can get all the guidance you need to get fit. Here, you can organize your own routine based on your schedule so you don’t have to adjust. There are many routines available with 500 exercises that you can do and enjoy. Here, you can add your own exercises, put together a routine, and create a customizable schedule. Enjoy fitness in the best way today as you can also check your muscle fatigue, BMI and much more.

Virtual coach

Many people go to the gym today because they want to be fit and healthy. We cannot underestimate the importance of being fit today especially since there are so many diseases on the horizon. Because of this, a lot of people sign up for gym memberships in their area and start doing random things. However, if you want to get fit, this is not the way to do it. You will need a dedicated instructor to point you in the right direction of where you need to go.

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But aside from gym fees, hiring your own personal trainer will also cost a lot of money! But with Gym WP, you don’t need to hire a personal trainer as you can have a virtual trainer. Think of this app as a trainer designed for you because it contains a lot of exercises that you can do based on your body. Here, you’ll learn how to do the exercises the right way, set up your own workout routine and more. You can enjoy over 500 exercises here complete with visualizations and instructions.

You can then organize the perfect workout regimen and schedule that works for you! You can also access other important data and tools here.

WP’s abilities for the gym are excellent

If you want to get fit without the help of a personal trainer, you can download Gym WP and get the same benefits.

Your virtual coach – Every one of us would like to get fit but not many of us are willing to put in the hard work. So, if you are one of those people who have the guts to hit the gym, you are already one step away from your goal! You don’t even need to hire a fitness trainer because they are so expensive. First you can use the help of Gym WP which is a workout routine app. Published by Leal Apps, this app lets you learn how to do the exercises, organize your exercise schedule, and more.

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You can freely customize your workout schedule in this app which you can follow along your fitness journey. Here, you can access more than 500 exercises that you can customize according to your body and preferences. Easily compose super combos, modify combos, reps, and much more! Enjoy a customized workout experience now.

Organize your routine This app is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, be fit and healthy. Here, you can set your own routine and schedule! The app provides you with a lot of exercises that you can add to your schedule. Compile supersets and change sets, reps, loads, and more so you can customize it to your goal. With this, you can have a fully customized experience like hiring a personal trainer who will help you get in shape.

muscle fatigue – Apart from that, the app also estimates the level of muscle fatigue you are experiencing at any given time. The app will calculate your stress level after each workout so you know which ones are stressful and which ones are good. This will help you maximize your training so you can become more efficient.

gym wp premium apk latest version

Monitor your BMI, weight and fitness – Gym WP also allows you to monitor your weight in the app as well. You can also set an ideal body goal, and see improvements in your training. You can calculate your BMI, ideal weight, fat rate and much more. You will be able to see all relevant information right here in the app.

More than 500 exercises – Another useful feature of this app is that it has more than 500 exercises that you can do! You’ll also learn how to do it the right way here.

Download Gym WP Premium APK – latest version

If you want to become a fit and healthy person, download Gym WP and enjoy a training schedule organized for you!

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