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Details about Gun Head Run APK

If you want a simple and undemanding game that can be played even on low-end Android smartphones, you can’t go wrong with Gun Head Run. This game is about shooting the targets and advancing to the next level.

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The controls are easy – just tap the screen to shoot. There are no complicated rules to follow, which makes it perfect for relaxing and passing the time. The graphics are also basic, but that doesn’t take away from the fun of the gameplay.

One of the best things about Gun Head Run is that it’s highly addictive. The levels get progressively more difficult, and you’ll always find a challenge to keep you engaged.

How to play Gun Head Run APK

This game tests your shooting skills. The basic premise is to shoot the targets and run down the track. It is an endless runner game, and you can play it as long as you like.

The game starts by clicking on the screen. This will make your character start running. While running, you will come across targets. Tap the screen to shoot them. You need to hit the targets to score points.

However, not all goals will earn you points! The developer classifies some targets as passive, and most of them are red. These targets will deduct points from your score, so be careful not to shoot them!

Gun Head Run Mod apk download

The game gets unparalleled complexities as you progress through the levels. More targets will appear, and you will move faster. The number of passive targets will also increase. As such, getting a high score becomes more difficult.

Various goals with different results

The targets in Gun Head Run aren’t just static. They come in different colors and with different results. Here’s a quick summary of the goals you’ll encounter:

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  • +/- rate of fire. These targets will either increase or decrease your rate of fire. You must avoid negative fire rate targets!
  • +/- coins. These goals either give you coins or deduct them from your score. It is best to avoid negative currency targets. You can use the coins you earn to buy power-ups in the shop.
  • +/- rate of damage. These targets will either increase or decrease the amount of damage you deal to enemies. The higher the damage rate, the more points you earn. Avoid passive damage modifier targets!

In addition, you will have general green goals that will give you points when you reach them. Shoot as many of these targets as you can to get a high score.

Power ups in Gun Head Run APK

Many power-ups will help you to achieve a high score. You can buy them in the store using the coins you earn in the game. Here is a list of available power-ups:

  • +/- speed. This energy boost will either increase or decrease your running speed. Be careful not to use a negative speed boost!
  • +/- size. This power will either make you smaller or larger. A smaller character is harder to hit, while a larger one can shoot more bullets at a time.
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Use these boosts wisely to give yourself an edge in the game. They will help you advance further and achieve a high score.

Other unique features of Gun Head Run APK

  • Simple touch controls. This game is easy to control. Just tap the screen to make your character shoot.
  • Uncomplicated graphics. The game is designed for low end devices (Android 5.0+) with simple graphics. The visuals are not very demanding, so the game will run smoothly even on older devices.
  • Free play. This game is available for basic play at no cost. You can buy power-ups in the store, but it is not necessary to advance in the game. In-app purchases are reasonably priced at around $3.99.
  • Short gaming periods. If you have 10 minutes of time, you can easily get a quick game. You can also play the game for longer periods if you have the time.
  • A very immersive experience. This game is very addictive and immersive. The fast-paced gameplay and simple controls will keep you hooked for hours.
  • Brightly colored graphics. The game’s pictures are colorful and attractive. The targets are brightly colored, making them easy to spot. The graphics are pleasing to the eye and add to the game’s overall appeal.
  • Sniper rifles are simple yet effective. This game features a variety of different weapons that you can use to shoot the targets. Each gun has its strengths and weaknesses. You can experiment with different weapons to find the one that best suits your play style.
  • Endless replay value. Every time you play the game, you will have a different experience. Goals are randomly generated, so you never know what to expect. The game is also quite challenging, and you can keep playing it to try and beat your high score.
Gun Head Run Mod apk


Gun Head Run is a simple yet addictive shooting game that provides hours of fun. The game is easy to learn and control, but also challenging. The visuals are colorful and engaging, and the gameplay is fast paced and immersive. If you are looking for a fun game to play, Gun Head Run should be at the top of your list.

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