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Survive in the land of the living dead with nothing but your wits, your instincts and your desire to survive. What could be more exciting than that? The game takes place in the Plaguelands, which are full of poverty, disease, and monsters. People are also not much with days full of anarchy, theft and murder.


Your task is to become the best knight, defeat monsters, collect rewards and rule over this wasteland. But nothing is easy, each challenge brings something unique. You must gather your strength and intelligence to emerge victorious in Grim Soul APK.

Start your journey

When you start the game and open the APK menu, you are just a regular guy at first. The beauty of this game is that you have to find a way to gather resources and survive. You are responsible for ensuring that your character does not die. To do this, you are responsible for finding food, shelter, resources, and tools.

You need to build a proper shelter to protect you from the monsters lurking everywhere. Collect wood, stone and pots to build your shelter. Also, pick up chests, they contain valuable loot to help you survive. Use your creativity to build your base and shelter it with walls. Set traps around the house to keep out rodents. Apart from that, create weapons to protect yourself from zombies, monsters and other players who only want your resources.


Improve your fighting ability

The way to survive in this vast wasteland is to improve your fighting skills. You can’t do that by not participating in fights and just throwing yourself out there. You need to learn the right tactics and try everything. The great thing about Grim Soul is that you can interact and play with other players to increase your survival rate.

You can also barter items you don’t need for items you need from others. However, the risk is on your shoulders as not every player will be trustworthy. They can just kill you and steal your stuff whenever they want. So, always be informed.

Great graphics

Grim Soul APK is an impressive open world game. You can go anywhere you want as long as you can protect yourself. Exploring the game can lead you to ancient mysteries waiting to be discovered. But keep in mind that it takes real time to get to and from another place. Therefore, it is not like other games where this part can be forwarded. Thus, you need to be wise about your decisions.

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Having said that, the game looks amazing. The graphics are detailed and clear and the controls are easy. You don’t need much configuration because the game is as simple as can be. The medieval environment is awesome as are the characters and items that make the gaming experience really interesting.

Tips for playing Grim Soul

Playing a game for the first time can be a daunting task for some. You can get overwhelmed, buy the wrong things and end up spending a lot more time than you would have liked. This is exactly why we are prepared. Here are the top tips you need to survive in Plaguelands!

Use autoplay when collecting resources – To save time, you can just hit autoplay to collect resources. But you should only do this when you’re on base because you don’t want others to attack you when you’re vulnerable. But with this option turned on, you won’t have to worry about anything, your character will run to the nearest trees, collect resources and do everything for you.

Make more than two storage boxes – Surviving in this harsh environment requires you to always be prepared. This is why you should make two chests to store all of your weapons and other items. This way, even if you die in a strange place, your weapons and items are still safe. Unlike carrying them all in your backpack which has a very high risk of theft.


Keep an eye on the mini map – The mini map helps you locate where you are and other resources. Apart from that, it helps you to be aware of your surroundings. Always look at the minimap because it shows nearby enemies (arrows). Use this to your advantage by either preparing to attack or fleeing the scene. Also, thanks to the mini-map, you can find dead enemies so you can loot their items as well as chests.

Run in fog-covered areas when collecting resources – When you go outside to collect things, make sure you go to the areas covered in mist because they are safe places. Get your resources as fast as you can and return to your base as often as possible.

Arm your character before participating in any event. From time to time, there will be special events nearby where you can get valuable items for a short period of time. Before heading to the place, make sure to equip your character with the best weapons and armor you’ve got. This will make it easier for you to fend off enemies and collect valuables that you can use. Store all the items you collect in a farmer’s chest so you don’t lose them when you get killed in another area.


Don’t let your character feel hungry or thirsty – If you are new to this game or even this genre, it is good to know that your character can die of hunger or thirst. The good thing is that there is usually an indication that your character requires food or water. You must immediately find what you need before your character dies. In the future, you can create a farm by building a garden bed and sowing seeds to make food. Also, you need to hunt animals to get meat.

Grim Soul APK

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