Giant Rush Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlimited Gems) Download for Android

From the beginning of the gameplay, you will notice that Giant Rush has two distinct parts. These form the basic foundation of the game. Having a clear understanding of these two parts, you will quickly develop into a professional player in a very short time.

However, here are the two different parts of the level that will leave you excited for more

Run and grow

The first part of the Giant Rush Android game is the running section. Here, you’ll control a colorful guy with one clear goal – to run through the level and keep growing. The main way to grow your character is to collect smaller people of the same color. For example, if you are an orange, you will need to collect both oranges to continue growing.

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On that note, collecting a different color makes you shrink in size. The only way to collect different colors is to go through the portals to change your color. Also, there is a rainbow power-up that allows you to collect any color at once.

In addition, there will be obstacles, such as walls, to break which you will need to sacrifice a little bit of your size.

combat sections

At the end of the level, you will face an opponent in Giant Vs. Giant fight. Your health is determined by how big you are by collecting the smaller ones.

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This part of Giant Rush is pretty straightforward. Constant tapping on the screen will cause damage. In return, you will also take some damage. Make sure to deplete your opponent’s health first to claim victory. Otherwise, the level will need to be restarted.

Collect gems

Collecting gems while running will reward you with currency. You can spend this currency on cosmetics (hats) in the market. This gives you more personality while running for more entertainment.

Giant Rush Mod APK Free Download Link

Below, we have the download link of the latest Giant Rush Mod APK. This will allow you to play the game right away with one additional advantage:

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This will give you instant access to all the different hats available in the game. So, go out and install the game by referring Giant Rush Mod APK download link now


Run through the level and collect as many people of the same color as possible to grow. Once you’re a big enough threat, it’s time to rumble! Download Giant Rush for Android to experience this fun and comical game!

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