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What is the best Battle Royale game for mobile? Free Fire may be in this category on top of them all. 50 players enter the map, and only one can stay on top. Collect weapons And SourcesAnd building barricades To protect yourself and Avoid the next storm.

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Play alone or join up 4 men squad with your friends. Get Free Fire MAX APK, the maximum level for Android, the updated and improved version of Battle Royale for mobile!

How to play Free Fire MAX

If you are familiar with how to play Battle Royale games, you can browse through this section. The concept of how to play Free Fire MAX is fairly easy to understand:

  • A total of 50 players are launched from an aircraft and parachuted into a map.
  • In addition, everyone starts without any resources. Each player must search the map to collect weapons, shields, and anything else.
  • There is a storm coming that will gradually harm you if you are in it. The storm will continue to grow over time.
  • The last player (or team) standing will be the victor.

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Patterns of play

Here are 9 different Free Fire MAX game modes. Try them all and play your favorite:

  • battle royale
  • Speed ​​war
  • Bomb Squad
  • Clash band
  • Collect cards
  • Pick up points
  • Main weapons
  • Exercise

Free Fire MAX tips tricks

If you’re new to the game, or just want to brush up on your skills, don’t worry. Here, we have some Free Fire MAX tips to get you some good stuff really fast!

  • homes – first and foremost , House trick An easy way to take advantage of the beginning of each match. Basically, when you flip from your parachute, you want to aim for the largest house you can find right away. The houses are always full of weapons, armor and useful resources. Not only that, but there will be swarms of enemies trying to loot the houses. So you want to be the first to claim a home.
  • Fake grenade – The second Free Fire MAX trick uses grenades. Grenades are best used as a diversion rather than an actual weapon. What we mean is that when using a grenade, the explosion will alert other players in the vicinity. You can use this to your advantage. The bomb will explode in about 4-5 seconds. Drop grenade at your target location and get away from there. Once players start tracking the explosion, you are free to take control of them!
  • Reverse camping – What’s worse than a camper? Reverse camping. You might ask, “What is reverse camping?” This is the process of camping in one area and luring enemies to your location. Many houses have narrow corners and furniture in which players can hide themselves. The trick to reverse camping is to know all of these places. Claim a home and clear any camps in the area. Once you’re done, you can fire some distraction rounds. Then remove yourself from the scene and wait for the players to track your location. This is similar to the grenade trick, but it is done exclusively in homes.
  • Stay on the move – This should be the most important thing to note. Could you Be a pro in Free Fire Max And learn how to be the best in battle royale games this way. Always stay on the move, make 360 ​​degree movements and watch every direction. This is especially true of homes. Don’t stay camping in one place. After firing one shot, you are hot for other players to find you. So move, move, move! And remember, jumping is your friend, the higher you jump, the harder it will be for the player to shoot you.

Download Free Fire MAX APK

Get started with the epic Battle Royale game and install Free Fire MAX APK this version has no limitation for you and you can enjoy every aspect 100% the way it was meant to be played.

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