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What you need to know about Foxit APK

Foxit APK is a PDF editor offered by Foxit Software Inc. It provides features designed to increase your productivity and ease your work when working with PDF documents.

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The lightweight app comes with basic free features, including PDF page reorganization and document customization. However, you can unlock advanced features by upgrading your subscription.

Foxit PDF Editor pro comes with more features, such as PDF protection, PDF export, and PDF analysis tools. If you work with PDF documents regularly, you must download Foxit APK for Android. This way, you will be editing all your documents on the go.

Edit documents securely and quickly

Foxit APK for Android is a secure application that ensures that all your information is safe. Also, it is a fast PDF editor thanks to its cloud-based technology and convenient interface that allows you to access files in seconds.

The application spends minimal time processing documents and displaying them on your screen. This means that you can edit files faster and more efficiently with this application as compared to other similar applications in the market.

Why Foxit APK?

Foxit APK comes with the right features for you to handle your PDF documents easily, including:

  • Expand and collapse the pages.You can easily expand or collapse all pages in a document. This way, you can focus on exactly what you’re looking for in your file.
  • Read aloud.Foxit APK reads your text files out loud, so you can listen to your documents while doing other activities on your device. This feature is ideal for blind people.
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  • Insert files easily.You can insert files into existing PDF files using this application. As such, you can save storage space and reduce the number of files on your phone. You can also easily insert videos and hyperlinks.
  • Easily organize pages.Easily arrange your pages by dragging them left or right to the intended locations.
  • Easily edit text appearance.To edit your document, just double click on it. Then, adjust its appearance to suit your preferences. You can change the font, size, color, highlights, and underlining of the text.
  • Rearrange the pages.In addition to organizing pages by dragging them left or right, you can also move them up or down easily. This allows you to edit your files more efficiently.
  • Personalize your documents.You can customize your PDF files by changing the background color, inserting images, and adding shapes.
  • Add stamps.If you want to add text or images as stamps to your documents, you need to select the stamps you want from their stamp collection.
  • Add tables.You can easily add tables to your documents by simply dragging and dropping them where you want them. Then edit it to meet your preferences.
  • Add headers and footers.By adding headers and footers to your documents, you can easily navigate through them.
  • Protect your documents.You can protect your files with passwords or with owner permission. In addition, you can sync your document with cloud storage systems such as Google Drive and One Drive.
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  • Add watermarks.With this PDF editor for Android, you can add watermarks to ensure that others don’t tamper with your files.
  • Export files as an image.If you want to share your PDF files with others, you can easily export them as images instead of having to send the entire file as a single attachment. You can also send PDF documents in various formats, including email, HTTP, and FTP. Even better, the app works optimally on XFA models.
  • Convert files easily.You can easily convert your files to other formats, such as Microsoft Office, HTML, image and text.
  • Fill in forms automatically.With this feature, you will not need to manually enter information into your documents. Instead, it will recognize the text and adjust it as needed.
  • Multi-language feature. This application supports 12 languages. As such, you will have a great time using this app regardless of your language preference.

Small size for easy installation

Because of its light weight and compatibility with different devices, Foxit APK is a great tool to have on your Android device. It can work with all versions of Android from version 4.4 and above.

The installation also takes minimal time. This way, you can start using this app within minutes of downloading it.

Download Foxit PDF Editor APK latest version

Foxit Reader APK download unlocks premium features of the app for free. It allows you to enjoy handwritten digital signatures and all other professional features.

In addition, Foxit PDF Editor APK download provides advanced functions, including:

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  • Access to an existing digital certificate. Foxit PDF APK allows you to use a digital certificate on your documents, which indicates authenticity.
  • Foxit PDF Creator APK. You can create a document from scratch and customize it however you like! In addition, Foxit PDF Business APK ensures that security features are added to all your documents for free.
  • User-friendly interface. Foxit PDF Editor Pro APK is known for its user-friendly interface. With simple touch gestures, you can easily edit your files with ease.
  • Improved Retina display support. Foxit Mobile PDF APK is now more compatible with Apple Retina displays. Now you can enjoy enhanced image details and clearer text with this app.

All in all, Foxit Reader Premium APK is the perfect solution for editing your PDF files on Android devices. You can try the free version first before you decide to buy this premium version or not.

Conclusion – Foxit PDF Pro APK

Foxit PDF is the go-to app when it comes to editing your PDF files. It supports all major features, including handwritten signatures and digital certificates. Even better, downloading Foxit APK provides all of these features for free!

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