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If you are looking for an easy way to spend some time, match 3 puzzle games are the ultimate addictive solution to solve the problem of boredom. The simple and exciting mechanics of match-3 games ensure that you will be hooked in no time.

Addictive fun match 3

Fishdom is one of the latest games made by the famous developers of Playrix. The game follows the same match-3 dynamics as games like Jewel Quest, but adds a fun fishy element to spice things up a bit. You earn money for removing the board quickly and efficiently, and then you can spend that money building the ultimate aquarium for your talking fish friends.


Buy fish for your aquarium, then buy decorations and toys for them to play with. You can interact with your fish friends and play with them to keep them in high spirits. Just don’t eat it – remember: fish are friends, not food!

Be sure to keep the aquarium clean and tidy, otherwise the fish will become depressed. Nobody wants to see that cute little fish in pits of despair.

Tips for playing Fishdom

If you are going to play any game for the first time, it will help you to get some tips to prepare you in the early stages. When it comes to match-3 games, you are undoubtedly familiar with the basics. However, here are some tricks to help you live with when playing Fishdom apk.


It’s how many matches

Always aim to match more than three items together – this will give you a bonus. If you match four things, you will get a firecracker that will explode some other things. If you match five, you will get a bomb, which will do more damage. If you can match seven objects together, you will get a warhead, which will destroy almost half of the entire board. Of course, these are very rare – but try your best anyway, especially in motion-based turns.

Try to get move rewards

In some levels, you will need to complete the objectives in a certain number of moves. If you can clear the board with moves left, you’ll get a reward for each unused remaining move. Try to remove as many objects as possible in as few moves as possible to use bombs and firecrackers to clear them as quickly as possible. It pays off in the end.

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Keep your fish fed

Your fish has a health bar that turns from green to red. Always try to keep it green by feeding it regularly. If your fish is well fed, they will start giving you extra money (from all their dubious establishments). They won’t give you extra cash just to feed them when they ask or feed them. The fish food icon will appear at the bottom of the screen every few hours and you should try to tap on it regularly.

Keep the aquarium beautiful

Another easy way to get a financial reward is to keep your aquarium clean. Add decorations to get the beauty counter full then clean it constantly until you get cash reward from this. The great thing is that you can then spend that money on making your tank even more beautiful.


Use lightning

If you continue to scan 4 or more objects, the lightning bar will gradually fill up. Once it’s full, you can use it to blow up a lot of the board in one fell swoop.

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