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One of the most popular open world games gives you a new perspective on living. Instead of leaving your Vault to explore the world, you are in charge of your own Vault full of survivors. Download Fallout Shelter for Android.

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the story

The main concept of Fallout Shelter is pretty simple and straightforward. After the nuclear war, the world has turned into hell. Radiation made living on the surface nearly impossible. All plants have been killed. In addition, both humans and animals have become mutated and turned into hideous creatures.

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In the end, there were two survivors at the end. Those remaining humans will need to find a way to survive under these new conditions. That’s where Basement Come. The Vault is your underground home. The only way to safely secure the lives of survivors. You are responsible for managing all activities within the Vault.

Survival simulator

Now, you should continue to evolve your Vault. In addition, you will also need to manage more and more people. More survivors will start to seek refuge in your sanctuary. Likewise, your population will also begin to multiply as they have more children and go about their daily lives.

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Beware, there are many different aspects of management and survival. Raiders may attack your store at any time. At the same time, radioactive animals might also find a way inside and try to kill everyone.

Lots of different conditions are presented to challenge you. Do you think you can handle it?

Get to know your population

An important factor is managing your population. All of these residents have their own stats that measure their usefulness. Moreover, these Special Statistics can also be applied to various situations during the game. Each player will shine in a specific area, depending on their stats.

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You may also need to send your strongest Dweller out, in order to collect more resources and investigate the outside world. This is a difficult job, but a person must be able to do it.

Manage your resources

There are many resources that need to be managed in order to keep your Vault stable. Without these resources, every inhabitant of yours will slowly die a painful death.

Here are the most important rooms that should always be maintained:

  • power generator: This generator requires your Dwellers to conserve power in the entire Vault. Without a power generator, there would be no electricity available in your home.
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  • the Dinner: After that, dinner is where your Dwellers continue to produce food for the rest of the Vault. You will need to maintain your food supply, otherwise your population will slowly lose health.
  • water treatment: The water treatment facility is another important room. This keeps your water supply running clean. Without clean water, your characters will get radiation poisoning. Moreover, this condition would cause them to lose part of their health permanently, unless they were treated.

There may be other rooms that need to be managed accordingly. Although, you can find out for yourself by downloading the game right now.

Fallout Shelter Mod APK Download – Unlimited Everything

Now, you can also take some shortcuts by choosing to download Fallout Shelter Mod APK for Android. This version allows some shortcuts and additions that put you ahead of the original version.

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for example:

  • The Fallout Shelter Mod APK is you Unlimited money

Therefore, when choosing a version of the game, we definitely recommend getting the Mod APK free download.

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