Fade Master 3D Mod APK 1.0.35 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

In-depth description of Fade Master 3D MOD APK

As mentioned above, Fade Master 3D MOD APK Android is an exciting game where players will create the best hairstyles in their barbecue salon. This hair cutting game is where the players will encounter and enjoy the wonderful hairdressing experience. In this game, you will see how good you are when it comes to sticking because it offers a realistic game experience – apply the hairstyles you want on your different clients. Do you think you have the talent to make the best hair styles and be the best barber in town?

Fade Master 3D Mod apk free download

Fade Master 3D MOD APK for Android is a game where players will experience what it means to be a real barber. The game simulates a local barber shop in which you are the owner and responsible for giving your customers the best hairstyles and making hair samples according to your customer’s requests. You can become addicted to this game because of its realistic 3D design and smooth controls will make you feel like you are holding scissors, standing in barber shop and cutting someone’s hair.

Believe me; Once you start playing this game, you will definitely keep coming back for more. In the latest version of Fade Master 3D MOD APK, you will have many customers who will order different hair models and, as expected, they will want you to transform them and make them look more beautiful. For example, you could have a homeless man as your client, and you are expected to give him a better look. You can also be tasked with providing the best hairstyle for his big day to a soon-to-be groom. The game contains more than 20 hair styles, including curly fade, military high fade, medium fade, and high fade.

When you have a client, all you have to do is find the models in the catalog, and then you can start cutting their hair. This game is perfect for anyone who wants to become a professional barber or anyone who wants to experience what it means to be a barber. This game will help you to become a professional barber and own a barber shop where you can satisfy people’s desires. It is advised not to cut the hair too often so as not to get one star. In everything you do, make sure to satisfy your customers so that you can get three stars and above along with rewards.

Fade Master 3D Mod apk download

As players progress in the game, they will be able to unlock new customers, new hairstyles and different hair cutting tools to make their work easier. Remember that your task is to please your customers with the best and latest hairstyles. The best thing about this game is that it is free to download and play from our site – our site offers a direct free download of Fade Master 3D MOD APK, so you can access it directly.

Fade Master 3D MOD APK Free Download

Now that you know how exciting this game is, you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of it. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right site. Our site offers a modified version of Fade Master 3D, which allows users to access more features for a better gaming experience. When you download this game from our site, you will have access to all hair styles, cutting tools and much more. You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity.

Features of Fade Master 3D MOD APK

Now that you know about Fade Master 3D MOD APK, let’s have a look at some of the exciting features that this game has to offer.

Diversified customer system

Fade Master 3D has a very diverse client system, so players will get different fun hairstyles for different people. Your client can be a soldier, a homeless man, an agent, an unemployed person, a singer and much more. Everyone has their own distinct look, story, and look, so you can easily tell who it is, and that’s something to look forward to.

Fade Master 3D Mod apk android

The most interesting part of this game is that your customers will interact with you while cutting hair through dialogue. Your customers are like humans – they are selective about their hairstyles and it can be difficult to deal with them. They can also complain if you do something they don’t like or they cut a lot of their hair. Therefore, you need to do things the right way to make them happy and get good grades.

Practice makes perfect – you should practice pulling over and over to improve your skills. The most important thing is to improve your barbecue shop so that your reputation will spread throughout the whole city and you will get more customers. This is because the faster you cut someone’s hair, the more clients you get. The more customers you get, the more money you’ll earn to upgrade your store. Finally, when you get VIP guests, you will earn a lot of money.

Realistic 3D graphics

Every hair cutting process in this game is realistically simulated with 3D graphics, so you will feel like you are holding scissors and cutting the hair of a real customer. Each of the hair trimmers is described realistically, the controls are smooth, and the images of the characters are designed as animations. This game is an intuitive first-person shooter, and players will be able to adjust their viewing angle.

A variety of cutting tools

Players will have access to a variety of cutting tools – if you’ve been to a barbecue salon before, you’ll see the different tools they use. Through this game, players will get to know all the tools that a barber should know. The main tool is a hair clipper, which is necessary for cutting customers’ hair. You will have access to a comb, trimmer and scissors for essential tools.

fade master 3d mod apk for Android

You will also have access to advanced tools for unique hairstyles such as hairspray, hair dye, torch for burning your hair, curling hair and much more. As you progress in this game, you will be able to unlock it gradually, but with our modified version, you will be able to access everything at once.

Apply different techniques and tools

  • Players will cut the military man’s hair with shiny scissors.
  • Players will burn the man’s hair with a torch – this is very dangerous, so you need to be careful not to completely burn the man’s hair.
  • You will grow a different hairstyle for your agent’s client because he has a mission.
  • You will be tasked with cutting the hair of a homeless man with a trimmer and making him look neater.
  • You will be tasked with preparing an unemployed man for an interview by making him look more elegant and combing his hair.

Other features include:

  • The game features a smooth camera experience for a better gaming experience.
  • There are many faded hairstyles along with cool hair models for players to choose from.
Fade Master 3D mod apk
  • The game features realistic sound effects and character changing screen.


There you have it – everything you need to know about Fade Master 3D MOD APK. Our Fade Master 3D MOD APK download process is simple – so what are you waiting for? Hit that download button now! Get to experience the life of a barber and make your barber shop the best in town.

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