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Simulation games are the norm nowadays. However, they mostly include aspects of zombie survival or something related to that. More and more games are appearing in this genre like Last Day on Earth: Survival and more.


Every once in a while, some creative developers are looking for new ways to reintroduce this genre to us. Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod APK is a simulation RPG with 8-bit pixel style graphics to fill the spirit of nostalgia. It is an unparalleled game that will truly satisfy your thirst for something new and special. Ecstatic to find out more about this gem? Read on!

Demon hunter game

When we think of simulation games nowadays, we tend to think of zombies or sims. However, Evil Hunter Tycoon is no ordinary simulation game. It contains elements of RPG game with simulation genre incorporation.

In this game, you are in a remote city and you are going to embark on an epic adventure of hunting demons. In this game, you will become the leader of the city and you need to manage your city properly. Find wizards and warriors to hunt down the exorcists in your town. Your job is to mainly manage your city and erect buildings to get resources for your hunter team. You can also sell items to get more money.


With an intriguing storyline, eye-catching graphics, and endless action-packed adventure, you are sure to get addicted to Evil Hunter Tycoon in no time! Immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime while enjoying an unparalleled gaming experience.

Features of Evil Hunter Tycoon

Every once in a while, in a sea of ​​newly released games, you’ll find some gems to find. Evil Hunter Tycoon is one such game due to how creative the developers are in making this game. There is currently no other game that can compete with this one. Having said that, here are the features of Evil Hunter Tycoon:

pixel graphics – Whenever we see pixel graphics in a new game nowadays, we automatically associate it with either poor graphics or old school. The 8-bit style pixel graphics in Evil Hunter Tycoon can definitely be called old school. It is the perfect graphics for a game with RPG aspects and a great storyline. In addition, this is not an FPS game so it is very well made. But even if the graphics are in pixels, you can still clearly see the details on every object in the game. From the grass to the houses and characters – it’s as detailed as it can be given that it’s pixelated.

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job hunters – One of the main tasks in this game is to recruit hunters. Hunters are the ones who will protect your city from the monsters that are trying to destroy your town. Recruit and raise them!

train hunters – Since your hunters will be the ones responsible for protecting your city, you need to train them to be stronger. There are 4 different classes of hunters. There are first-class Hunters randomly entering the city. Make sure to recruit them when you spot them right away! You can also invite top class hunters with items to protect your city from monsters.

Rare items and treasures – You can also explore different dungeons to find rare materials and treasures. You can use these materials to your advantage and make your hunters powerful! There is a lot to collect in this game.

33 unique hunter characters – In Evil Hunter Tycoon, hunters appear randomly in your town. Before recruiting them, it is important to see their characteristics first. In this game, there are 33 unique hunter characters that you will come across! Be sure to check them out so you can recruit hunters who are compatible with your ideals and your town.

Design your own city – In this game, you are the boss of the city. This means that you are responsible for building, crafting, selling and training hunters! You can build different facilities such as an infirmary, restaurants, bars, an inn, a gun shop, and more. Make sure your hunters have easy access to these facilities because they are the ones who will protect your city from the monsters that infiltrate it. It’s your city so you get to decide what it looks like and how the buildings are designed. Whatever you do, always keep the job in mind.

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Unique gameplay and easy controls – Since this is a simulation game, every action you have to perform can easily be performed by clicking on the objects. You don’t need complicated controls in order to move the character or create buildings. The controls are straightforward. You don’t have to get confused or mastered before you can play the game unlike other FPS games.

Tips for playing Evil Hunter Tycoon

Although this game seems easy at first glance, it has some complex elements that you can only master with experience. To help you out, here are some tips for playing Evil Hunter Tycoon:

Only recruit top-tier hunters – In this game, you will invest a lot of resources and time in breeding hunters. This means increasing their level, equipping them with better gears, learning skills, traits and more. Therefore, in order to give you the best possible score, you only need to recruit top-tier Hunters. Don’t waste your time with “N” rare hunters because their stats are low. As far as possible, get S, H and L catchers. This will allow you to level up easily and earn a lot of gold from killing monsters.

Keep stocks always going up – In Evil Hunter Tycoon, hunters will stop fighting if their health points are low, mood is low, hunger and stamina are low. This is why you always need to make sure that there is enough stock in your restaurant/inn/tavern/dispensary such as food, rooms, dressings and beverages. Your hunters will automatically go to these buildings when they’re low on certain stats, so you better be prepared and stay stocked up. You should stock more games idle so you don’t have to worry about hunters not fighting monsters.

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