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Students, professors, scientists, and others take notes all the time. Even the average person takes notes at home about bills, budget, numbers, addresses, and more. However, due to digitalisation, more and more people today are carrying smartphones instead of laptops. Hence, it has become clear that apps like Easy Notes have become more in demand in the past years. Who wouldn’t want to download this app when it allows users to take notes easily?

Easy Notes mod apk

Since we literally take our phones anywhere we go, this is a totally smart app. It’s the perfect companion for teachers, students, workers, and just about anyone today. Here, you can enjoy a clean interface and a customizable interface where you can change the background color. Here, you can also add images and graphics, change font styles and sizes, and more. You can also pin important notes to the top of the page, set up reminders, meetings and much more!

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Back then, people used to take notes everywhere they went to store important information. Although teachers, investigators, students, and ordinary citizens still take notes today, they now do so using apps. These applications are more convenient to use as they do not take up additional space than the actual laptop. And since most people today have smartphones that they take wherever they go, it makes sense to have an app that can take notes. With this, you can enjoy Easy Notes which is a top notch app!

Easy Notes Notepad Free Notebook App Mod apk

This app is published by QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes and it’s a neat app! Basically, it allows anyone to take notes with their phone and thus provides unparalleled convenience. On top of that, you can add tons of stickers, drawings, emojis and even reminders in Notes! Pin your most important notes on top and you can even paste notes on your home screen.

Moreover, you can draw and color in this app! There are many types of pencils and brushes that you can use to create notes. You can then sort and share them today!

Easy Notes Features

Whether you want to jot something down quickly or take notes from class, you can use the Easy Notes app now!

Comfort at its best – Many people today own a smartphone that allows them to do a lot of things at once. With this, they can download an app to play games, connect with others, and surf the Internet. But if you are looking for an app that can take notes, Easy Notes is the best! This application allows users to easily take notes using their phone. With this said, they can have a convenient way of storing information.

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Here, you can access a lot of clear notes for free which you can access at any time. Each board can have any text, titles, and items you want to place and you can even put a reminder! There are also lists perfect for your to-do list, shopping list, and any other notes you want to include. Users can also freely change the background color, find and share notes by name, and much more.

Scan notes and change color – This app works similarly to a physical notepad. The only difference is that this is more convenient and you don’t need to waste physical things to use it. You can freely access each notebook to which you can add notes. Then, you can also change the background color of each panel so that you can easily organize and sort them. More than that, you can also highlight, change the font, size and much more!

Enjoy many font styles for every type of note you want to store. This app is perfect for teachers, students, staff, and more!

Easy Notes Mod apk download

Add photos, stickers and sound – Apart from texts, you can also add any type of image in this app. This makes it easy for you to visualize things whether or not you’re taking notes for class. Then, there are plenty of stickers to access so you can make your notes even prettier. Most importantly, you can also add audio to your notes! Whether you want to add music or voice notes, you can easily add them here.

draw and color – Another fun feature of Easy Notes is the one where you can draw and paint! Access many types of pens in different colors now and enjoy creating illustrations and drawings.

Pin notes, checklists, and share You can also pin important notes, add checklists, and share your notes! The application automatically saves all your notes online.

Download Easy Notes Mod APK – Latest Version

With Easy Notes, you can easily take notes wherever you are! It is fully customizable as well.

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