Dream League Soccer 2020 APK 10.100 Download for Android

If you are a fan of soccer and games like FIFA and PES, then there is no doubt that Dream League Soccer 2020 is a familiar name for you. If not, then it certainly should be. Dream League Soccer 2020 apk for Android is an online soccer game where you can build and manage your own team and play against other people from all over the world in ultra-realistic and online multiplayer matches.


Compete in a range of international leagues and gradually build up your team as one of the best in the world – or one of the worst… hopefully not the last. Win trophies and tournaments to earn money and prestige, then continue your quest to stay on top of the league tables with progressively better players.

Dream League Soccer 2020 apk is a must-have for anyone into sports and competition. If you are a big football fan, you will be hooked in no time. Let’s take a look at what makes this game so good.

Build your dream team

Dream League Soccer 2020 allows you to sign up professional players from around the world to build your ultimate soccer team. As you progress through the six divisions, you will gain access to the best players in the world that will allow your team to rise to the top. Win games and finish in a good place to earn more money, then compete in live events for Google Play prizes and more money for your dream team.


Build your own stadium. Once your team starts climbing the ranks, show how great they are and inspire your fans by building your very own mega stadium. This will increase your team’s prestige and boost the level of pride you have in them. Compete in the major leagues and impress overseas teams with your own epic designed stadium.

Play through six sections. Start at the bottom and work your way up through six sections to beat the first section. There are also 7 cup competitions to play through for more glory. You’ll find no shortage of opportunities to develop your players further as they rise through the ranks and dominate the league.

Compete online. The best way to achieve an incredible mobile soccer experience is to compete against other players online in real time. Dream League Soccer 2020 allows you to play against people from all over the world, which makes your soccer experience even more intense. Moreover, you can get special rewards for performing well in online games. There is no better way to truly show what you are capable of.

Console graphics. The most noticeable thing about Dream League Soccer 2020 is the graphics. They won’t beat FIFA on PS4, but they’re still very high quality for a mobile game. It can easily be compared to a PS2 game, which is pretty impressive considering.

Tips for playing Dream League Soccer 2020 APK

Playing the game of soccer is definitely something that requires a fair amount of tactics and skill. If you are new to the Dream League Soccer 2020 franchise, you must have had some practice gaming to get familiar with the controls. Once you’re done with passing, shooting, and defending, you’ll want to understand more about how to play effectively.

Dream League Soccer 2020 apk is not just a management game – you control everything that happens on the field, which means everything is your responsibility. Because of this, you will need to know a few things about how to manage your team effectively.

  • Think ahead. Try to plan your moves ahead of time to ensure that you pass to players who are not surrounded and that they can then do something useful. Don’t pass randomly because you can. You’ll want to play with a degree of foresight in order to win games.
  • Don’t be expectant. There are some moves that are played out that the AI ​​is aware of. If you play too predictably, you will be easily beaten. Try to spice things up a bit where you can and keep your opponent on their toes before you knock them down.
  • Don’t be aggressive in getting involved. You won’t get away with jumping to another player like it would an NFL game. Be careful when tackling and try to focus on taking possession of your opponent, rather than breaking his shin. You will be called out for a foul and at worst your player will be sent off and your opponent will receive a penalty kick – which tends to fall most of the time. Be patient and careful.
  • Watch ads for money. If you want to earn more in-game money, watch an advertisement after each game. It’s not long and will give you a decent amount of money to do so. You can just turn off your phone while the ad is playing so you don’t actually have to warp your mind with a dishwasher tablet ad.

Dream League Soccer 2020 APK

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