Download The Walking Zombie 2 Apk 3.6.26

Humanity is at its last legs. The world is full of zombies – victims of a mutated virus. Download The Walking Zombie 2 APK to fight against millions of zombies, bosses and other nasty creatures that now have complete control of the planet.


You are humanity’s last hope. Thanks to a mutation in your immune system, you are completely immune to the virus that has turned humanity into flesh-eating zombies. You can fight them without becoming one of them – but that doesn’t mean they can’t tear you to smithereens.

Kill them zombies, kill them all!

You will have access to tons of weapons, with a variety of ammunition and grenades to use against the hordes. You’ll also have all kinds of melee weapons to hit zombies’ heads with! But be warned – you won’t want to get your hands on a racket only when it comes to fighting a zombie boss.


You can also unlock vehicles to help you run on them and mount heavy weapons on them to blast zombies into the abyss. The Walking Zombie 2 APK has all the makings of a great FPS zombie shooter – but it doesn’t stop there.

Complete questions

You will also be able to complete missions to help the last remaining survivors of the outbreak. Quests are often along with the game’s story, which in turn allows you to progress through the game and encounter new things as you go.

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Choose your path

You don’t have to curry favor with the survivors – you can also choose a darker path. You will be measured by karma throughout the game and your score will allow you to choose different paths that were not available before. Will you become a guiding light to humanity, or serve your own twisted needs?

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Upgrade your weapons

There are a lot of weapons in the game and you can make huge upgrades for all of them. Attach perks to them so they’re even more deadly, or change up their paint to make them look more badass. It’s up to you. You can choose to carry a gold AK if you like, or you can choose some More creative

Tips for playing The Walking Zombie 2 APK

Playing a complex new game is a learning curve – it will take you some time to master the ins and outs of the whole game. Here are some great tips to play The Walking Zombie 2 APK.

  • Allowances: There are a lot of great perks in the game. You should invest in the ones that make you progress faster, like Bookworm and Animal Language. You can also learn skills – the trader is good because he lowers the price of things in the game.
Download the-walking-zombie-2-apk game
  • Complete questions: It should go without saying that the missions in the game are important. You can complete them to progress and unlock more areas to explore. They will also give you a lot of XP.
  • Check the trunk: There are often some cool things in the trunk – open them up and see what you can find – weapons, ammo, and more.
  • Changing shooting settings: It will shoot when you move the view over a zombie. You can change this in the settings to aim for more accurate shots and conserve more ammo. Aim for the head, of course, or things like explosive barrels – that’s the good stuff.

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Money, gas and ammunition? There are a lot of things to store in case the world collapses. We’ve seen this in real life with recent events like the coronavirus, so now we know for sure that it won’t be easy to survive if everything stops working.

Download Unlimited Everything APK for The Walking Zombie 2 to make gameplay more about shooting and less about hunting for food. Enjoy!

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