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Download Save the Dog APK – Protect the Dog

Dogs are the most popular pets in the world. It is considered a man’s best friend because of its nature. In Save the Doge, the game challenges players to save the dog from a bee attack.

Usually, bee stings are not harmful, but they can be very annoying. For dogs, this may result in facial swelling which is funny.

To save a Doji, all you have to do is draw a line around it and save it. This is a puzzle game in which only the line you can draw is limited.

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Thus, you will need to draw a line that will save the dog from the bees using the line as little as possible. As you progress, you will encounter tougher levels with different elements and backgrounds. This is a simple yet challenging and addictive game.

Save the Dog تحليل Analysis

Dogs are popular all over the world because they are great as pets. But bees are one of their worst enemies because they make their faces swell. Although this is only a harmless joke on the part of the bees, it is not great for the owners.

So, your task is to save the dog in Save the Dog from bees. The game is centered around the system where you need to save the dog from the bees in different levels.

The game simply challenges players to draw a line that saves the dog from the attack of bees. It is up to the player to draw the line but the less the line drawn, the higher the score.

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Three stars is the perfect score so you should use your brain when drawing the line. For example, you can just circle the dog without leaving any space in between to make the font bigger.

To play, move your fingers to draw a line are the controls. These are the only things to consider when playing the game.

Draw lines to save the dog

Save the Doge challenges you to save the dog from bees using only lines. There are many line puzzles, but this takes it to a unique level. The only goal is to save the dog from a bee sting that will come out of the beehive. But the line will protect the dog if there is no hole.

The game recognizes the shape of the line you draw as accurately as possible. But it will not stick to any surface, so it will fall with realistic physics. In the game, you only need to hold for 10 seconds to win the level. Think you are up to the task?

Challenging levels

Save the Doge offers many challenging levels that reach before. The first level is the easiest level where the dog is standing on flat ground and the beehive is on top of it. In this case, you can just draw a line above the dog’s head because the ground will protect the dog.

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But in the next levels like 11 there is a slanting rope with nails at the end. One possible solution could be to draw a line above the dog’s head with a line extended at the end.

There are endless solutions for every level in the game. But be aware that the more ink you use, the more stars you will lose. The game will allow you to earn one to three stars. You can also re-level to get a higher rating.

At higher levels, there will be more beehives and more difficult terrain and obstacles in the way. The level will be more challenging for your brain than your physical strength.

unlock tips

If you are having trouble rescuing the dog at a certain level, you can unlock some tips. It can only be unlocked by watching a video ad after which you will get detailed instructions on how to solve the level.

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But you cannot use the tip for each level because it is limited. You still have to do your best to solve the puzzle first before giving up.

Simple controls

Save the Doge is a simple puzzle game with easy controls. To play, just draw a line which is done by swiping your hand in any direction in the screen. After that, the line will stabilize, and you need to wait for it to work or not.

The animations and effects are also fun because the game is 3D. This is a fun interactive puzzle game for you to play now.

Download Save the Dog Mod APK – Latest Version

Do you tend to play interactive puzzle? Install Save the Dog to save the dog from bees.

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