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Puzzle games have always been popular with gamers. There are a lot of games in this genre just by searching on the Google Play Store. Because of this, there are a lot of developers creating games of this type every day. If you are a puzzle lover, you will love this game!

Rescue Pin Mod APK

Pin Rescue is a puzzle game developed by Nox Joy. The game currently has over 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store alone! In this game, you will help the boy escape from a series of puzzling levels by pulling the pin. But it is not as easy as it seems! You need to write down some things first like dangerous animals around or some equipment to help you. In general, this is a very challenging game that will allow you to have fun! Read on to find out more.

What is Pin Rescue?

Puzzle games are simple yet challenging games to play in smart phones. It is not flashy like car racing games and not complicated like others. But it does provide enough flow of challenges to allow you to use your brain for long periods of time. If you like puzzles, this game is for you!

pin-rescue-apk latest version

Pin Rescue is a puzzle game developed by Nox Joy which has more than 100 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, you need to save a boy from a series of puzzles in which he is trapped. But things are not so easy! You’ll need to note some of the risks that await you when pulling the pin. In this puzzle game, you have to think ahead in order to escape! Read on to find out more.

Pin Rescue features

Pin Rescue is a cool and unique mobile game that allows you to pull the pin to let your character escape from the traps! Apart from that, the game offers several features. here they are:

Unique gameplay – Puzzle games have always been very popular with everyone. It’s easy to play, challenging and so much fun! It allows us to use our brains to exercise. Apart from that, there are many more types of puzzle games around! If you are looking for something new to try, this is for you. Pin Rescue is a unique puzzle game! in this one. You just need to pull the pin to release your character. There are a lot of levels where your character is trapped and you need to rescue him. But don’t pull the pin blindly!

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tons of levels – In this game, there are a lot of levels that you can beat! Each one is unique. In the beginning, you will meet some easy puzzles in the beginning to get familiar with the concept of this game. Although the concept is very easy, it gets complicated later on. There will be more items in each level such as animals, obstacles, life jackets, water, fire and more! In general, you just need to think ahead before doing anything in this game.

Graphics – The graphics in this puzzle game are unsurpassed. When we think of puzzle games, the first things that might come to our mind are probably crossword puzzles or Sudoku! But in this game, puzzles are conceived in traps. You will need to help your character escape from the game by solving some puzzles. The items are well designed as well as the characters! Overall, this game offers something new for puzzle lovers to try!

Download Rescue Pin for Android

Regulations – This game is a puzzle game and as such, the controls are very easy! You just need to click on the pins to pull them out. Your character will move automatically on its own. Just note the timing and when you will pull each pin to escape!

Bonus levels – In this game, there are bonus levels if you get the girl!

Pin Rescue Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Pin Rescue is a unique puzzle game that allows you to pull pins and solve the puzzle. Download the latest version of the mod now.

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