Download Legends of Runeterra APK 03.20.024

Combine cards and use your skills to become legendary. Download Legends of Runeterra APK for Android now to experience the full excitement of League of Legends in this epic card game. Anyone who was a fan of League of Legends will enjoy this game a lot.


You’ll build your deck from the ground up and unlock new ones as you play – or simply buy the cards you want. You control your deck of cards. Use skill and strategy to outsmart your enemies and crush them all.

The new League of Legends card game

This is a game where every move can affect the final score. Players will have to be careful not to make a huge mistake with any one move. In short, it comes down to the moves you play and how much risk you’re willing to take on each turn.

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Iconic League of Legends champions. You will fill your deck with the most epic heroes from League of Legends. Build the ultimate deck by unlocking new legends as you play, or simply by purchasing the legends you want in your collection.

Develop your strategy. This is not a card game that is quickly thrown together. Legends of Runeterra APK is a complex and ever-evolving strategy and intelligence game where you will be able to incorporate the newly released meta meta into your overall strategy to keep you on your toes. You’ll think you’ve made it through, and then you’ll realize there’s a better way. The game is always changing and adapting, which means you’ll be hooked for the foreseeable future…


Always unexpected. The game has taken some amazing steps to ensure that you are always faced with the unexpected. As you formulate your strategy and unleash your power on your opponent, they will react and counter, with consequences you might not expect… Get ready for some amazing gameplay!

Use the heroes. The game contains 24 champion cards inspired by League of Legends. If you play them right, they can turn the tide of battle and become increasingly powerful until they are unstoppable! However, they will not be able to finish off the enemy themselves – they will need support.


Explore Runeterra. Runeterra has different regions and all of your legends come from a region of the land. Different regions offer different game styles and rewards, so you can make a mixed team by having legends from all over the region. Try combining your cards from different regions to make something really interesting. This is how you develop the ultimate strategy.

Weekly Funds. Unlock wild cards and awesome rewards with weekly chests. You will be able to obtain some important pieces of equipment and bonus cards to help you defeat your opponents. Chests will level up as you progress through the game.


Play ranked matches

Once you feel like you’ve proven yourself to be an impact player, you’ll be able to compete in ranked matches to really build up the pressure. In these games, you will face the best players on earth and compete for glory.

Legends of Runeterra APK Beta for Android

The game is still in beta testing at the moment, but it will drop soon. Download the Legends of Runeterra APK demo now to get your first glimpse of the game that is going to rock the mobile gaming word! Get the first look now!

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