Download Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk 13.6.1 (Unlimited Stars)

Do you like beauty games? Is fashion and makeup the world for you? If yes, then you must download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for Android.

This game is entirely intended for players who are interested in fashion, especially girls. But don’t worry, males can also enjoy it, depending on their own taste and preferences.

Kim kardashian

It is designed to render 2D diagrams. But the level of creativity is so amazing, that it could easily draw you in to play forever.

You need to run it on a medium configuration mobile device at least. Other than that, it has no special requirements

Create a celebrity and rise to fortune

You will be a great fashion designer in this game. Everything is set up from a first person viewpoint. If you have played choice based games then you will get a clear picture of how this game is played.

You start out like nobody. Start by choosing your avatar, and designing it to best match your creativity.

kim-kardashian-hollywood-apk-new update

Choose her clothes, makeup, styling, hairdos, etc. However, your main goal is to manage the celebrity beauty, and take it to the heights of success.

Be the woman behind her success, she looks very beautiful and attractive to the public. Create your famous character and take it to gain fame and fortune.

Some additional details

Apart from the main gameplay objective, you can do more than you might expect. You will not only engage in fashion career but also enjoy your personal virtual life.

The game takes place in Los Angeles, so be the queen of the city. Travel to other places like New York, Miami, etc.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood apk latest version

Celebrity dating, and being dumped. Admire the people you love. This game has everything that Hollywood has like clubs, boutiques, luxury homes, etc.

Connect with your friends on Facebook. Help each other advance, and do a lot! It’s complete non-stop fun and action for every girl on earth.

Very attractive graphics

Visuals do not have to be high resolution to be attractive. That’s the case here, with the entire front end designed in stunning 2D sketches.

Despite this, its level of clarity is unparalleled. Apart from that, the details are average. But this can always be ignored.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood apk-free-download

All the characters are so pretty, that girls may even fall in love or develop crushes on the female characters in the game.

The whole game is very shiny, and the look and feel better gives a real Hollywood feel. You will not be able to play games with such incredibly unbelievable visuals.

More about your personal life within the game

When you are not working for celebrities, you can enjoy your personal life in your spare time. Feel free to flirt with boys and male celebrities.

Get in a relationship with the man you want. You too can become the next celebrity power couple.

Download Kim Kardashian Hollywood for Android

Otherwise, dating and dumping just for fun is not a sin here. If you can’t do it in real life, you can do it here.

Since the game is based on Kim Kardashian, players can enjoy the game version of her as well. Isn’t this really interesting?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod APK

The new Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod APK will bring you these features:

  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited stars (increase when spent)


Get completely immersed in the subdued world of fashion by choosing to download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod APK for free. Download now!

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