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The topic of zombies has been very prominent in recent decades. There have been countless movies, shows, and even games focusing on this genre. It seems that when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, people are excited to see how they will survive. Movies tend to portray potential clients as protagonists.

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Into the Dead 2 is a zombie survival game which has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. This is the second installment of the game of the same title. However, in this game, there are more types of zombies and you are in a race to save your family! Can you eliminate everything that stands in your way in the name of the family? Read on to find out more!

What is Into the Dead 2 movie?

The Into the Dead series has generated many fans worldwide since its release in 2012. The developers of the game, PIKPOK have done a great job in creating such a unique game in a sea of ​​zombie games. If you haven’t played this yet, you will be on an exciting journey.

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What makes this game thrive in such an overused genre is the simplicity that it offers. In Into the Dead 2, you will have to save your family but things are not that simple. First you need to find them in a land full of zombies. In this game, you have no choice but to literally move forward. The game only allows you to move sideways as you progress automatically. After that, you can pick up the guns and ammo from the ground to shoot the zombies attacking you. Do you dare to quit the game?

Into the Dead 2 Features

Into the Dead 2 is an amazing zombie game like no other. This game gives you a whole new experience that you can only play here. Here are its features:

Sophisticated story and multiple endings – In this game, James is on his way to find his wife Halen trapped in an area full of zombies. While on his way, he suddenly crashed into another car with zombies. That is why he is now on the run trying to survive against the zombies while making his way to his wife. The game contains 7 chapters, 60 stages and hundreds of challenges. At first, you will only have a hunting rifle for your person. But as you progress, you will encounter powerful weapons as well as zombies. The story develops according to your actions.

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epic gameplay – This FPS game is like no other. For starters, you don’t have to kill every zombie you come across. Even though you are in a land infested with zombies, not everyone is obsessed with killing you. You have to move on while finding a way to conserve your amos because they are rare. The good news is that you can move sideways as you progress automatically.

missions – To add some difficulty, the developers have added some quests that you can complete in exchange for rewards. There are tasks like killing 5 zombies at once. But the good thing is that you can also upgrade your weapon to increase its stats.

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easy controls – In this game, the controls couldn’t be easier than they are! You just need to move sideways using the virtual button and then tap to shoot! You just need to set your aim to shoot the zombies perfectly.

Incredible graphics – What stands out most about Into the Dead 2 is the amazing graphics. Even in the first game, the 3D graphics have always been amazing. Here, you will mostly be in the dark and the zombies will only emit shadows. But everything is well designed.

Into the Dead 2 Mod APK for Android

Into the Dead 2 is an epic zombie survival game for those who aren’t afraid of the dark! If you want to unlock every gun and ammo instantly, just download the unlimited money mod!

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