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Did you ever fascinate the great craftsmen as a kid and wonder how they made things? Maybe you dreamed of becoming one when you grew up but you didn’t?

Meet Cut and Paint APK, the solution for your dreams! In this simulation game, you can cut, color, trim and scrape the items as you wish! There are no restrictions on the artwork you can create while trying to sell it to customers! Excited to learn more? Read on!

Simplified gameplay

If you didn’t know, simulation games don’t have a story or characters for you to collect. Instead, revolve around a central theme as you practice and hone your craft with this skill. In this game, your crafting and drawing skills will be put to the ultimate test to create the masterpieces of your dreams!

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The road to becoming a professional craftsman may be long and arduous but with this game, nothing is impossible! By experimenting and implementing countless designs, you can make it happen in no time!

In this game, you will start by scraping a mold of raw wood into a smooth mold. Next, you start cutting the wood into the shape you intend to do with just pressing the button. After that, the fun part is where you will start coloring the wood using different colored spray paints. You’ll use different paper blockers and paint over them to achieve perfect designs every time! The only difficult part about this is choosing the perfect colors to achieve a great combination. You also need to make sure that every part is colored or else the customers’ supply will be low. yes! You have read it correctly. This is how you earn money in this game – customers will offer you different prices for your artwork and you just need to choose one.

Cut and paint features

Since this is not just a typical simulation game, there are a lot of features here. They created a game that exceeded your expectations and so did millions of people when they downloaded the game! With that, here are the final features of Cut and Paint:

mastering the art – In this game, even if you don’t know a single thing about crafting and drawing, you will still be able to create great masterpieces! This is the whole premise of this game, to simulate how most things are created in easy ways! You don’t need this in real life as you can try everything you can in this particular game without spending a dime! The best part is that you will practice your profession which you can even apply in the real world once you play for enough hours.


different artistic styles – When you finish designing one by one, you will be offered different designs to make automatically. You will only need to create designs and choose colors based on your creativity and imagination. You don’t have to be too strict about it as there are no right or wrong colors! You just need to be able to bring them harmoniously and make sure that there is consistency in the color scheme of your choice. In this game you can create bear designs and angels plus much more! Unlock them all while you play and get more designs!

Watch videos to unlock features – In this game, there is only limited money that you will get especially at the beginning of the game. This means that you can only purchase a limited choice of colors, wood surfaces, and spray paint patterns. But don’t worry as you can unlock more just by watching a 15-30 second video ad! This is not all. By watching video ads after your art is sold, you can double the price you’ll get! How appropriate is that?

simple graphics – Apart from the simple and unique gameplay, this game offers amazingly simple graphics as well! The graphics may be simple, but they are incredibly well designed. Every detail is correct and you can actually see the shadows of things. What’s great is that the effects and the amount of paint you want to do reflect well with the end result. This means your masterpiece will look exactly how you want it! Unlike some other simulations where you can only control a specific part. In this, everything is made easy but still looks amazing!

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easy controls – The controls of this game are incredibly simple. Since this is a simulation game, you will only follow the instructions on the screen. This can include swiping back and forth, and tap and hold! This is how incredibly simple the controls are. There are no complicated control charts or anything. The cutting part is automated even for convenience!

Cut and Paint Mod APK – Unlimited Money, No Ads

Don’t want to watch video ads and don’t want to wait to unlock all the designs? Then, download Unlimited Money, No Ads Mod now and enjoy it to your heart’s content!

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