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All you need to know about Cube Slicer MOD APK

Hyperhug’s Cube Slicer MOD APK is a free-to-play ASMR cutting game that is full of color, relaxation and satisfaction. Jump on your car and start cutting the little cubes in front of you, as there’s nothing more soothing than cutting small sized boxes from a perfectly laid out field.

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Cube Slicer MOD APK for Android features a relaxing car-themed gameplay, which can be controlled with a single finger on your phone. You move the car with your finger to cut through the small boxes in front of you.

So, say goodbye to your fears and worries by clicking on the Cube Slicer MOD APK download button. Release tension by removing perfectly oriented boxes from a field full of colors.

Your main goal in Cube Slicer MOD APK is to clear the field by slashing the boxes in front of you. But don’t worry, the developers at Hyperhug have added multiple additional features to keep the game exciting and keep people’s attention.

Vehicle upgrades, daily missions, power-ups and add-ons enhance the replayability and addictiveness of the game. Keep clearing the field by cutting small boxes to upgrade your car and go to higher levels.

Cube Slicer MOD APK is perfect for killing time and curing boredom at once. Also, with the ASMR aspect of the picture, the aforementioned is everything ASMR fans could wish for!

cube slicer mod apk download

What do you expect when you play Cube Slicer MOD APK latest version

Cube Slicer MOD APK for Android quickly gained interest among the ASMR gaming crowd within the first month of its release. Here’s a quick gameplay overview of Hyperhug’s latest ASMR game.

  • Hop on your harvest-themed car to slash the colorful little boxes in front of you. Earn gold coins in each level and go to higher levels.
  • Players can simply start playing with the click of a button when they join the game. There is no login procedure because the Cube Slicer MOD APK model is kept very minimalistic.
  • Hold your finger on the screen to control the car initially parked at the bottom platform of the level. There is no specific area to control the vehicle, as the controller will appear wherever you place your finger on the screen.
  • Start cutting boxes by driving your car to the field full of small colored cubes. The boxes will start falling to the ground for you to collect once you run over them.
  • You can drive over the boxes scattered on the ground to collect them in the storage area in the back of your car. There is a storage limit, so you can’t keep slicing and assembling the cubes.
  • Once the storage is complete, you will need to empty your car by selling the cut cubes for gold coins. You can drive your car to “Sell” platform at the bottom of each level.
  • After earning enough gold coins, you can drive to “Raising the level of” Window to update your car. There are several options available for upgrades, including blade size, storage size, and more.
  • Once you clear the cubes on the field, you can drive to a file “a map” station to move to the upper level. Cube Slicer MOD APK provides more big blocks in higher stages so that you don’t drive repeatedly in the same field.
  • cube slicer mod apk for Android
  • Multiple types of boosters are available on the field to add to the excitement offered by the latest Cube Slicer MOD APK. These boosts include a maximum tractor bonus, unlimited storage, and more.
  • In addition, there are a variety of tractor add-ons available in the store for players to decorate their vehicles. You can add vinyls and stickers and buy new cars from the garage.
  • Cube Slicer MOD APK also features daily missions that players can complete to earn gold coins. The said title offers multiple ways for players to continue making gold coins and upgrading their vehicles.
  • Hop on the tractor and start cutting small cubes arranged perfectly in front of you. Earn gold coins to upgrade your vehicles and much more!

Features to note when playing Cube Slicer MOD APK for Android

The development team at Hyperhug has made every effort to keep the game fun and exciting for the fans. Here are some of the unique features of Cube Slicer MOD APK.


There are no complicated or fixed controls for Cube Slicer MOD APK; The game features simple controls with no unnecessary buttons. You can control your vehicle by simply long pressing anywhere on the screen and holding the controller with one finger.

cube slicer mod apk free download

Cube Slicer MOD APK works so that you can control everything with one finger. There are no unnecessary buttons which add to the overall playability of the game.


Most of the ASMR games lack good graphics, but this is not the case with Cube Slicer MOD APK. The game offers comfortable 3D graphics with soothing colors and no unnecessary animations.

Not much is happening on the screen, which helps relax your mind – plus, the bright colors and cute car improve your mood.

Useful tips for Cube Slicer MOD APK

Even with an ASMR perspective, Cube Slicer MOD APK has a progression and reward system to keep the excitement going. Here are some tips to keep in mind when playing Cube Slicer MOD APK for Android.

Keep upgrading

Keep an eye on the gold coins and upgrade your tractor as soon as possible. It is easy for players to get lost in the relaxing gameplay of Cube Slicer MOD APK and completely forget about their beloved car.

cube slicer mod apk latest version

So, keep spending gold to make your car more efficient and powerful.

Fearless driving

Players cannot fall off the platform, and there is no time limit. So, free drive as a farmer; You can’t lose a level.

Let’s finish

The latest Cube Slicer MOD APK is the perfect game if you want to relax your mind and have fun at the same time. We hope we have covered everything you need regarding the aforementioned title.

Don’t waste time and harvest the little cubes in front of you in a cool and relaxing environment.

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