Download Battle Cats Apk 12.0.0 for Android download

Bring the world of order under your heels. Download The Battle Cats APK Unlimited Everything for Android to take command of an army of cute cats bent on conquering the entire world. Unlock and upgrade rare Battle Cats as you conquer the world.


This is a very simple and totally addictive game that has a simple control mechanism that allows you to easily move your cats to the screen and battle all the opponents.

Other cute animals will try to stop you – you will fail. The world will try to rally against the rise of the Battle Cats – they will fail. Your army of adorable war cats will prevail. Everyone will kneel before you. Victory is certain!

It’s cat time

The man’s life is over. It’s cat time. Prepare kittens for war. The Battle Cats APK is, at its core, a tower defense game. You will be tasked with penetrating the line of enemy defenses while preventing them from breaking through yours.

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You will meet them in the middle of the screen and fight with a variety of cats. It’s no ordinary tower defense game, admittedly. Actually, it’s very strange. First of all, you can actually control cats — although you don’t have to control them all the time.

Settle them kitties

The more you play, the more XP you earn. You can then spend this leveling up your cats. Once they reach level 10, they will evolve into significantly more badass cats. The game doesn’t focus heavily on stats, though – you’ll just see them defeat opponents faster.

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Upgrade your cent generator

The cent generator is your primary way to earn money during battles. You’ll need to earn money in the heat of battle so you can send in reinforcements when things get a little hairy. Upgrading your cent generator will allow you to earn money faster, making you more likely to win every battle.

Blast your cat cannon…your katon…

The cat cannon is your best weapon in the game. It is she who turns the tide of battle over and over again, so be sure to use it correctly. Of course, like all powerful weapons, it needs time to charge. You should upgrade your cat’s cannon regularly to reduce its charge times, improve the damage it deals, and extend its range.

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Put your cats to study

Studying the cat allows for more XP to be earned at the end of each level, which goes a long way to helping you achieve your goals in battle and beyond. Make sure you upgrade the cat study often to maximize the benefits from it.

You can interval

Time lapse is a common occurrence in games. It’s where you exit the app and go to your phone’s settings to change the time to the future. This allows you to earn large amounts of energy, which you can then use to conquer more parts of the world.


The thing is, most developers consider this add-on when they make their games, and they’re not yet penalizing players for doing so. If you really need some energy, use the interval, but don’t overdo it.

Battle cats apk

Are you ready to take your cat army to the farthest point and conquer the world? He achieved with cats what Napoleon himself could not achieve with the French imperial army. Download The Battle Cats APK and cat food now to play the game with many resources to conquer the world with. Enjoy – meow!

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