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Nature is a scary thing, but it is beautiful. Life is full of surprises for a wild animal. If you’re unfamiliar, why not try it yourself? That’s right, WildCraft Animal Sim Online 3D for Android lets you live the life of a wild herd animal.


Join your allies, go hunting, survive the harsh conditions of nature and gain a new respect for these animals.

  • Start your adventure in the wild as different animals like:
    • wolf
    • the Fox
    • Lynx and other animals!
  • Customize your group members by name, gender, fur color, how they sound, and more!
  • Explore the fully realized 3D wilderness world. Here, you will enjoy many different aspects of nature and different locations to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Play with your friends through all the different features and games to play. There is never a dull moment when playing Wildcraft for mobile. Battle Arena Mode offers some action-packed wild animal battles to keep the game more exciting than ever!
  • Fight other forces of nature. Hunt animals, get into dog fights and other aspects that make these animals so much fun.

Moreover, the latest version of the game comes with more amazing features like:

  • New location based on the forest regions of Japan. Besides, Japanese elements are also available to traditionalize wilderness.
  • There is also a new ranking system introduced in the game. As you advance, you will gain new ranks to display your progress and status in the food chain.
  • A new underwater area is also available to explore. This lair has some new secrets to unlock.
wildcraft-animal-sim-online-3d-apk-latest version
  • Hyenas are also a new class of animal available for use.
  • Gazelles also have more skins and cosmetic options to choose from.
  • Eagle skins is a new feature that has been added.
  • You can even take a pet crocodile with you. With it come new clothing options to make your creeping ally even more stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, there are a lot of great things to enjoy in the game. Try as many game features as possible with or without your friends. Regardless, the game is a blast to play!

Being mobile, you can also enjoy offline mode, wherever you go. No matter where you are, you can play WildCraft and immerse yourself in the wilderness.


Just don’t get too carried away and start peeing in the corner or eating deer and antelope raw. You still need to appear in society.


The game controls are also easy to learn and get into. The interface is simple and convenient. Once you spend a few minutes learning the game, the controls become second nature (pun intended…).


The game looks great! It’s not very realistic, but the game still looks good enough to enjoy the glory of the wild. The grass and other small details are beautiful and easy to take for granted. But once you stop to take in the scenery, you can really see why this game is a sight to behold.


At the end of the day, Wildcraft is a game for nature lovers. If you love to get out and enjoy the good outdoors, this is definitely the game for you.

Download Wildcraft Animal Sim Online APK – latest version

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