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Download DomiNations for Android and rule various civilizations. Watch them thrive and advance, as you lead nations through the generations.

DomiNations features

  • Lots of limited-time events and objectives: The game is updated regularly with different events that players can participate in. And with these goals, you can earn a lot of rare and exclusive items that are not usually available.

  • Play through different eras: Start leading a colony from the early days of hunter-gatherers. And it ends in modern times, when these first colonists would never have dreamed of space travel. You will start from the basic materials of bone and begin to flourish and progress through the ages.
    • As such, there are plenty of historical monuments and landmarks available to build. Your job is to lead the nations through each generation.
  • Learn from many great leaders: There are many different historical figures who can guide you and improve your gaming experience. Learn a little history as you play through these different eras. Also, you can strengthen your nation by making war strategy with these different assets on your side.
Domination- apk latest version

  • Choose the country you will drive: You can fight among eight different civilizations and countries to choose from. You can take part in the most epic battles in history, while advancing and advancing with the culture.
    • Test the history of: Rome, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and Greece.
    • Each of these civilizations offers unique strengths to help you advance the nation as a whole.
  • Experience technological leaps: Learn how each of these cultures advanced and modernized through the introduction of different technologies. So, you will learn about each civilization as you play and understand more behind their history and progress

With different science and resources, you will be able to develop your troops, buildings and economy.

  • Forge alliances and wage global war: Test yourself and your nation, enter the PvP mode and wage war against players from all over the world. Raid other civilizations and plunder all their resources. In addition, you can team up with your friends and form alliances to take on others in an all-out war. Compete in 50v50 battles, where only the strongest nations will survive. Take over the world and rule the world with your alliances. Claim the land to which you are entitled.

DomiNations APK Free Download

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  • Extensive download size for quick installation
  • Smaller footprint, saving more mobile data and storage.

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