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We love watching horror movies and movies all the time. But to take it further, these horror mobile games are designed to provide the ultimate horror experience. If you are looking for one of the best and most popular ones, then try to play Death Park 2.

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With over a million installs now, the sequel to the popular game is now here. There are now a lot of locations, monsters and puzzles! If you were a fan of the first game, you will surely scream in horror while playing this game. It has more locations like hospital, house, cemetery, sewer and more. In addition, there are different endings in this game and each outcome depends on your choices throughout the game. Can you survive and save your sister?

Save your sister

Nowadays, there are a lot of horror movies, shows, and mobile games. But most of these games are very overrated and vulgar. For this reason, many people are looking for action-packed and incredible horror games. If you are looking for the ultimate horror game today, give this one a try!

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Death Park 2 is a 3D horror action game that combines a lot of elements from your favorite horror games like Silent Hill, Dead Space, Evil Nun and Granny. In this game, the main antagonist is Pennywise the Clown and she has captured your sister! You need to navigate through 8 locations while solving puzzles and choosing between decisions that will lead to different outcomes. You will also be able to move between the real world and the world of sleep to fight monsters and solve puzzles. Overall, the game is designed to give you suspense and terrify scenes at all times.

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Do you want to play a horror game that lets you make decisions and solve puzzles? Try Death Park 2 and save your sister from the evil clown.

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8 endings – There are a lot of popular 3D horror games today that are as popular as Granny. These games are gaining popularity because they are unique, intense and deadly to play. In Death Park 2, there will be decisions that you will have to make throughout the game. This will eventually lead you to one of 8 endings. Depending on your choices, you can save your sister or not. It ultimately depends on you, so choose what you think is right. Can you create an ending to your liking?

Scary Pennywise and Monsters – In this game, the main antagonist is Pennywise the Clown. He is scary and has a lot of monsters ready to fight. You will be able to move between the real world and the sleeping world which will allow you to fight your nightmares. These monsters will do everything to kill you but you have to kill them by using the weapons which you get from different locations. All in all, the monsters themselves are enough to give you nightmares for days.

Variety of puzzles – This game is not just a shooting and horror game but also includes a variety of puzzles. You will face different problems that you need to solve in order to move forward to the next location. Although they are not that difficult, some of them require intense concentration to be solved. It’s up to you to solve it so you can save your sister!

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Incredible graphics and soundtrack – Death Park 2 is a 3D horror game that has been made very realistic. From the details to the original soundtrack, everything is designed to give players the ultimate horror experience. If you are faint of heart, you will not be able to sleep for days after playing this.

8 huge sites – This game is based on a park with different locations. The locations include a military base, house, streets, hospital, cemetery and sewers. Each location holds different secrets that you will need to uncover. There are so many things to do at each site.

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Death Park 2 is an amazing game that gives players the ultimate horror experience ever. In this game, you will find everything you want in an action game.

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