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Technology has come a long way. But in fact, even in the past decades, we were already technologically advanced – at least in the movies. If you are a Star Wars fan, you know that space battles are pretty cool. Although space travel may be some time in the future, it is possible in a game!


In CyberSphere, you play as a kind of stormtrooper who will take down every alien, robot, and robot that tries to destroy our planet. It is your job to arm yourself with the latest technology and weapons to eliminate them. Show your shooting skills in this game where technology thrives. Can you survive the galactic war? Read on to find out more!

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What is CyberSphere?

In CyberSphere, humanity is under attack. Aliens, robots and cyborgs have invaded the earth. You need to manage the combat unit called “Cyber-sphere” whose mission is to protect our planet from these invaders. You can use guns, weapons, support drones, camouflage, and explosions to eliminate enemies.


CyberSphere is a galactic sci-fi shooter with over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store. This amazing game allows you to relive the Star Wars universe you’ve been longing for. Fight the invaders alone or with some friends and family in cooperative mode. Also, there are a lot of game modes and weapons that you can collect in this game. You can also climb your way up the rankings by killing as many invading robots as you can. It is now up to you to save humanity. Can you do it or will you give in under pressure? Read below to find out more!

CyberSphere features

CyberSphere is no ordinary shooting game. This game takes place in the galaxy where you will fight against alien invaders. Besides, here are the features of this game:

Play – If you think stormtroopers are cool, wait till you play CyberSphere! Here, you are a soldier assigned with the goal of protecting humanity from invaders. To do this, you need to equip yourself with advanced weapons and tools. These can include weapons, drones, shields and more! Shoot every enemy that stands in your way and carry out your missions. This is a third person shooter so you can freely navigate your way through the open world.

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epic graphics – You asked for the perfect Star Wars game, and now you’ll get it! In CyberSphere, the 3D effects are flawless. Everything is carefully designed so that you can fully enjoy the game. Your character is similar to that of a storm trooper but has its own traits. The alien invaders are also well designed. Not to mention the location where the battles will take place – it’s amazing.

Patterns of play – In CyberSphere, there are a lot of game modes. There is a PVE mode where you can join forces with your friends and family and quickly eliminate the enemy forces. Or you can play PVP deathmatch game mode to see who is the best shooter among your friends or random people.

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weapons – In CyberSphere, there are over 30 killer guns for you to collect. These include pistols, rifles, machine guns, and more. There are plenty of other tools you can also use to protect yourself.

Personalities – In this game, you will be surprised how many characters you can use. You can use tanks, walking robots, cyborgs, and soldiers. They each have unique stats!


Easy controls – CyberSphere is a third-person shooter, so the controls are similar to those of any FPS game today. But in CyberSphere the controls are a little easier since you don’t have to manually aim your shots. There is a laser beam that will point outward so you can adjust your aim.

Download CyberSphere APK

If you’ve been craving an intergalactic war, CyberSphere is the place for you! Download unlimited money now to unlock all characters and weapons!

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