Crowd City Mod APK 2.4.7 (Unlimited Followers, Money) Download

Want to try something really fun and unique? Download Crowd City APK and try to make your audience the biggest in the city by falling into smaller groups of people. The gameplay here is simple so far very satisfactory – and very Addictive.

Developed by Voodoo – a French mobile gaming company – this is the latest in a series of great Android games under its umbrella.


Crowd City is a classic .io game that has made its way to Android devices after being a hit online. It plays a lot like – but in a completely different environment. You control a crowd of people running through the city and your goal is to meet other groups of people smaller than your group to get them to join your group. You basically “eat” groups of people to make your group bigger.

The larger your group, the more people you can follow by meeting them. But be careful – if you encounter a group larger than your own, you will swallow your group and you will lose the game. Avoid huge groups and try to make your group the biggest!

How to play Crowd City APK

When playing this game, there are a few simple rules to follow to make sure your audience is the one stomping – not the other way around. Here are some simple tips and tricks to ensure that you stand a good chance of winning this game.

Avoid crowds in the early stages of the game. Other players will already have large crowds running around town – avoid them! When the game starts, you will only have one person in your crowd. The goal is to get more people to join you as you run around town. But be sure to escape from larger crowds, or else these players are likely to chase you and weaken your audience – making it easy to get you out.


Catching small crowds. Once you have a little power behind you, you’ll want to start eating in some other crowds. The task should be done by about 35 people. Although there may not be much immediate benefit from destroying other players now, you will be grateful later in the game that you did because these players now cannot compete against you for the first place.

Just click. In most .io games, you need to keep your finger on the screen to keep moving. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Crowd City – although many players don’t actually realize this until long after the game. Simply tap on the screen to make your audience move in the desired direction, and then you can simply swipe in any other direction you want to move.

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No need to kill them all. When you bump into someone else’s crowd, you’ll take away their players, which means your audience will be even bigger. The goal of the game is to get the most audience after two minutes, so you don’t actually need to eliminate other players later in the game – just make sure you get the biggest audience to win.

Crowd City Mod APK – Unlimited Followers & Money

Want to make your audience Bigger way? Download Crowd City mod APK unlimited, no ads to play the game longer than the usual two minutes and make a massive crowd. Tons of fun, try it now!

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