Cooking Frenzy Mod APK 1.0.85 (Unlimited Gold, Gems) Download

Hone your chef skills and master the art of cooking a variety of international cuisines. Download Cooking Frenzy APK now to take part in the cooking process and prove that you are the best chef in the arena. Find the missing pieces from the food album by completing cooking challenges and click away until all meals are served.


This is a clicker game full of fun and very Addictive. You will have to accept culinary challenges in a variety of restaurants and ensure that you can cook a wide variety of delicious dishes from Asia, North and South America, Europe and beyond!

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You will master the art of cooking all the different cuisines in this wonderful restaurant experience. Make sure you’ve brought your culinary mindset and your finger ready to tap, tap, and tap, because this culinary frenzy is about to light up!

Cooking the world’s food

There was once a photo album of all the best foods in the world. Now, all the pieces of this album are out for you to find. Rumor has it that some restaurants were hiding them in their kitchens, so I accepted the challenge to go and find them all so everyone could enjoy the album again.

The only way to get it is to take on cooking challenges in different restaurants. You’ll cook everything from eggs on toast to ramen to chili, and everything in between in this epic kitchen adventure.


You’ll have to tap the correct ingredients to add to the meal and make sure you don’t burn anything by taking them out of the oven on time. It sounds easy – and it kinda – but there are always some challenges to face once you’ve cooked a whole bunch of different meals. Organization is key here – just like in a real kitchen!

The game is perfect for anyone looking to unwind after a long day at work – or anyone who hasn’t eaten lunch yet! With its friendly graphics and innocent content, it is also a perfect game for kids to play to have a good time while learning about different food cultures. They might order Japanese food instead of chicken nuggets next time.

You will get the chance to cook in a variety of different restaurants and be able to test your craft in all of them. Make a big splash for your culinary talents and let the world know who the next Master Chef is – YOU!


Gain experience and rewards for your efforts and turn every restaurant you work into a famous establishment. This is how to enjoy cooking – to see the rewards of your efforts in happy customers who enjoy their meals and come back for more.

Tips for playing Cooking Frenzy APK

Before starting the game, quickly read our top tips so you can be sure to start on the right foot.

It’s about organizing: The key to success in the kitchen isn’t actually about knowing everything about food – it’s about getting organized. Any professional chef will tell you that the most important part of their job is keeping their work surfaces clean and tidy, and making sure everything is put back in its proper place. This helps speed and ensures that there is no mess in the kitchen. Mess usually means burning food, so avoid that!

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Stay calm: The game starts slowly so you can get used to it. As it speeds up, don’t get nervous at a faster pace, simply keep calm and everything will be fine. This is actually the same in a real kitchen as well. Stress doesn’t help with anything and will make you lose track of things. Do not stress.

Cooking Frenzy Mod APK – Unlimited Gold & Gems

Playing the game becomes easier when you have unlimited cash. Download Unlimited Gold & Gems Mod APK to enjoy the game without worrying about whether you’re making enough dough (literally, in some cases). Enjoy!

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