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Life back then was much more difficult as there weren’t many innovations yet as we have now. Imagine that you live in a world where there are no cars, buildings or civilization yet! It would be a challenge just to survive each day like this, wouldn’t it? If you like the experience of living this way but with a modern twist, you will enjoy Comics Bob. This is a puzzle game that lets you choose between two things so you can survive!

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Caveman Bob’s life with his girl is dangerous because they are always surrounded by danger! Wherever they go, there seem to be plenty of traps, hungry animals, dinosaurs, and plenty of nuisance! You must select the proper slave to use if you want to survive in this game. Can you use your quick thinking in this game?

Live life as a caveman

Do you wish your life was easier now? Well, think again because people before us had a much more difficult life because there weren’t many innovative products back then. Today, we live in a much more comfortable world because we have things like cars, heaters, computers, and even cell phones. But if you want to go back in time and experience life back then, try playing Comics Bob! This is a puzzle game set in prehistoric times featuring the caveman Bob and his girl.

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In this, you will live in an era where the world is not as you know it yet. This means that you will face difficult and dangerous situations every day that will require you to decide between two things. For example, you will meet a hungry animal that will attack you, you can choose wood or spray to protect you. Then, there is also a situation where you will need to cook a meet and there is a blowtorch and lighter that you can choose from.

Keep in mind that every decision you make will affect your character! Choose the best for him to survive now!

Features of Bob comics

It’s easy to live now but what if you were a caveman? In Comics Bob, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like as you try to make tough decisions every day.

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life at that time – If you could see what life was like back then, you wouldn’t want to live in it. This is because people used to live in stone houses, wear furs for their shirts and try to survive every day. They are surrounded by monsters and often dangerous situations because they live in the wild. But if you want to experience all of that, try playing Comics Bob. This game tests your decision-making skills to survive difficult situations.

In this puzzle game from SayGames, you will live the life of Bob as he solves different puzzles that require him to survive. For example, you may encounter a situation where you need to hunt a deer. You will have two things to choose from, a rock and a rope. Choosing the right meal will allow you to eat a meal but the wrong meal will do nothing for the deer. As you can see, it’s a tough world out here but you have to survive!

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tough situations – Throughout the duration of the game, you will live as a bob and face different situations. In the beginning, you will face a hungry animal that wants to eat you. Next, you’ll need to get out of the rain, encounter a crocodile, and more! There is even a situation where you meet the love of your life who is the girl. You will play as a girl and discover how to use the phone, get out of the cave and much more!

Make your choice – In this game, not everything is as easy as it seems. But the fact remains that you will have two options each time. You will notice that one of the items is prehistoric while the other is modern. You only have to choose among these things that will help you to survive. But the answers will not always be so clear! There are times when you need to think outside the box to survive.

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Meet your girl and a lot of animals – In this game, you will first play as Bob who is a caveman and after that you will meet the love of your life the girl. Together, you will face a series of challenges that involve the two of you in constant danger!

Visually appealing graphics – This game will remind you of the cartoon graphics you used to watch as a kid! It is a fun game to play.

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Download Comics Bob today and have fun solving tricky situations by choosing the right thing!

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