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Do you want to experience the magic of an authentic Filipino festival? There is a lot of color, noise and excitement in Color Game Land for Android. These real carnival experiences are as good as going out into the cold night to bet and play games with your friends – how much will you win? Only luck will tell in Circus or Club game modes, the choice is up to you. Drop your coins and wait for the colorful cubes to roll – It’s simple and addictive with daily free rewards just for logging in.

Coloring game for Android

Perfect for those who like a little gambling, this original Pinoy casino game competes against hundreds of thousands of real-life players across a variety of different games. Throw your dice on the table and wait to see what you get – there’s no way to tell until you dive into the game! Go online and you can chat with friends as well as challenge other players around the world to a series of fun casino games.

Best features of Color Game Land

Color Game Land, by Play Joy Games, which is their first game, has a lot of great features that make it the best original casino game download on Android. Do you know what the color game is? This is a popular type of game usually found during Fillipino festivals, such as Peryahan. This usually lasts for two weeks, but after that, the carnival continues. What happens if you want to continue playing the color games offered? No problem – it’s right here in the palm of your hand, Color Game Land!

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Play online against other real players

One of the best things about Color Game is its social aspect, playing with your friends or surrounded by a crowd of onlookers in a festival setting. You have a great sense of group spirit as you all hope the ball lands in the right spot for huge payouts! Now you can recreate that amazing feeling from the comfort of your sofa. Sit back, relax and play some colorful games with your friends online. It doesn’t use a lot of data, and it works really well if you choose a Wi-Fi connection.

Regular rewards and bonuses!

Do you love to play this colorful game a lot? perfect. Lots of daily rewards and login rewards are waiting for you if you continue the game. Grab the New Players Welcome Pack available to help you get started, come every day to make the most of your daily login rewards, and invite new friends to the party to earn even more rewards for yourself and them! Download Color Game Land now to start earning these great rewards, then invite friends and family to join in on the fun too.


Social game to talk with friends

This is the only Color Game on Android Store where you can talk with friends using in-game chat. Whether you’re communicating about your day or talking about the game – maybe your friends just hit the jackpot – this in-game chat feature is the perfect way to make Color Game Land even more fun. Discuss strategies, crack jokes, and have fun! This is the first game of its kind that includes something like this.

What is the color game?

This casino or festival game is very simple, and works a bit like western roulette. There are three colored cubes with different colors on their different faces, such as yellow, green, white, blue and so on. At the start of each round, you bet on what color you expect your cube to land on. You can make small bets, medium bets, and much bigger bets, and the goal of Color Game Land is to make as many GoCoins as you can collect! You will bet against and with other players in the form of a live table. It really is that simple!

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Join the club and make new friends

Instead of just sitting at an empty table and betting over and over again, why not join a club and join up with some other players? There are hundreds of thousands of Color Game Land fans all talking and betting together. It’s very easy to join a club – just click on Clubs on the first page and then choose the club that suits you best! Soon you will be able to see different members of clubs and participate in their games.

Color Game Land APK

Do you want to play with unlimited in-game currency? Just download the apk version of Color Game Land to unlock everything.

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