Choeaedol APK 8.8.9 download for Android

Who is your favorite Kpop star? Have you ever wondered who is the most admired person of all time? And if you could contribute to these rankings, would you? Well, when you download the Choeaedol app for Android, you will have the opportunity to join the live ranking of these superstars.


Cast votes, join polls and connect with other fans on this interactive social page for Kpop fans.

Choidol different sections

Vote for idols in real time:

  • You can directly influence the ratings of all idols in Choeaedol. Choose your favorite stars and idols directly from the app to get instant updates and scores. Every night (KST) the list will be updated for all to see. Make sure to cast your votes every day to influence the overall ranking of these pop stars.

Weekly polls:

  • In addition, users can participate in weekly polls to collect their opinions on all the different stars. Stay alert and make sure to take part in these surveys to influence the ratings and popularity of different idols.

Learn from the wiki:

  • Then, you can learn more about your favorite idols, or even get to know someone you may not have known before. Using the Wiki section of the app, you can study each idol’s life, career, and ambitions.

In addition, you can also share any additional information or feedback that you may have about the selected stars. Either way, this is the domain for all information on Kpop idols.

Idol talk:

  • As a social app, there are also aspects to connect with others. You can join the “Idol Talk” section to meet and greet with other fans. Share your love for different Kpop stars and idols and even make new friends.

hall of fame:

  • The overall ranking of idols will be entered into the Hall of Fame. As mentioned earlier, be sure to cast your ballots every single day. These daily votes will eventually add to each idol’s overall ranking. It will be shown live at the Hall of Fame.
choeaedol-apk-latest version

If you really want your idol to rank high, be sure to vote every day. Also, share and make some donations to show support for your preferences.


  • Here, you can donate towards the cause. There are different categories of donations that will be shared with some of the higher ranking idols.
    • Charity Angel This goes out to the idol with the highest rating within one month.
    • Charity Fairy – Then, this donation is left to any idol(s) who get more than 55,555,555 different votes on special occasions and anniversary days.
    • Miracle of the Month – This will go to whichever idol has the most votes, out of all the idols who participated in the same birthday month.

Choeaedol APK Free Download

You can also download the mod version of the app to get some additional features that were not previously there in the original. First, you can download the app at a much faster rate than the original version from the Play Store. Not only that, but you can save a lot of mobile data by choosing the APK over the original one.


In addition, you can get:

  • Choeaedol APK Unlimited hearts to vote

So, when choosing the version, be sure to get the modified APK to get the most out of it. You can quickly raise your idol to the top of the ratings with this version.

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